New Mummy Kareena Kapoor Khan is playing that CLASSIC trick to look thin!

New Mummy Kareena Kapoor Khan is playing that CLASSIC trick to look thin!

One can not help but notice the clever styling that she has been relying on for most of her public outings.

First a disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing against women and their post pregnancy excess weight. In fact, truth be told, I find that new post baby chubbiness quite cute.

There is something charming about those fuller cheeks and that not so chiseled waistline that tells the tale of the wonderful transition the body has just gone through.

But at the same time, I have a huge respect for people who take every change that comes in life in their stride and donot shy away from working twice as hard if they want to be back in shape sooner.

And that is why I am quite a fan of Kareena Kapoor Khan who is not just showing the world that a woman can be up and about not just during pregnancy but also post it. Kareena is also showing that real truth about the hard work that goes into getting back into shape especially for an actress.

And in fact, you don’t really have to be a Bollywood addict to have noticed the many going in and out of the gym pictures of Kareena Kapoor. Besides the fact that Kareena has already shed a lot of her post baby fat one can also not help but notice the clever styling that she has been relying on for most of her public outings.

#blackisalwaysright ?

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Kareena has with utmost religiosity stuck to one classic trick to hide away excess fat and to create a slimmer illusion. If you haven’t guessed it already then let us tell you Kareena’s smart cheat tip – that of wearing black.

We doubt that there should have been any other reason to be seen in head to toe in black in Mumbai’s humid heat this often. Since Kareena is a smart girl who knows that most eyes will be on her soon as she steps out after her pregnancy, may be she built up an entire black fitness wardrobe.

Kareena has also been playing smart and has consistently dressed in either full sleeve t-shirts or full length or calf length yoga pants. Looks like she avoided shorts or shoulder baring outfits because she knows that these are the more stubborn areas and show up the weight gain more apparently.

And while we love Kareena’s zest to be back to the grind we are also secretly admiring how she has been using the most potent trick that we all know so effectively.

How to wear black to hide the excess weight

‘When in doubt wear black,’ it takes gaining of at least a few pounds to truly appreciate the wisdom behind this adage. 

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So if you too have been looking to cheat your way to looking slim here’s how you can do it with black:

1.Slimmer and taller: The good news is that black not only hides away any bulges but also creates an impression of being taller than your usual self. It is especially a win if you want to create an overall lean look.

2. Play with prints: Yes you may have heard of that another classic wisdom of not wearing bold prints if you want to appear slimmer but do you know that certain prints such as splatter prints or black on black motifs add a variant to your staid look while additionally hiding any excess weight

3. Skin hugging styles: Another trick while wearing black is not to wear very billowy dresses. Wearing a shapely black outfit goes a long way in making you appear slimmer than wearing a baggy style.

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