New mum Kareena credits THIS superfood to glossy hair during pregnancy

New mum Kareena credits THIS superfood to glossy hair during pregnancy

"I always ate a lot of good food and looked after my hair"

She may have become a new mother with the arrival of baby Taimur, but that hasn't changed the fact that Kareena Kapoor Khan remains the quintessential glamorous diva. She was and continues to be fashionably on point and her glossy hair and glowing skin continue to steal the limelight.

But it wasn't all that great during her pregnancy. Just like many expecting women, Bebo was also privy to hairfall during pregnancy. She managed to maintain her glossy tresses, thanks to a superfood recommended by her dietician Rujuta Diwekar.

During a live interaction with Diwekar, Bebo revealed the secret of her glossy tresses and resultantly of Taimur's gorgeous golden hair.

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Bebo's secret to glossy hair during pregnancy

Responding to how Taimur has such thick glossy golden hair, Kareena said, "He (Taimur) actually has a lot of hair, lovely brown hair. As a baby, both Karisma and me have had a lot of hair."

She added that she always made sure that she never compromised on a healthy diet and that's what helped her maintain her tresses. "That's because, I always ate a lot of good food and looked after my hair and included superfoods that prevent hair fall (during pregnancy)," she said. 

Diwekar explained that we face hairfall due to a loss of minerals and vitamins from the body.

"We’re making do with a compromised nutrient in take. Most women will not have rice, cashews (kaju) and coconut malai (because they consider it fattening)," she said adding that we must include such foods because they provide the essential nutrients and minerals to the body.

Superfoods Bebo included in her diet

She also said that Bebo includes the following three superfoods (which all women must include) in order to maintain healthy hair and add gloss to them.

  • Rice (helps strengthen the gut)
  • Coconut (especially the malai)
  • Handful of cashews every day (since they're rich in iron and magnesium)
  • Sweet Sesame (til)

Bebo gave the example of Dimple Kapadia, whose glossy tresses are still an example of how hair should be maintained. "If we include these foods, we’ll have Dimple ji bounce," she said. Bebo also added that apart from this, another important part was oiling the hair and taking care of it (during pregnancy and after) and eating til.

"Look at Dimple ji, she’s very particular about her hair. You have to oil your hair once a week," she added dishing out the secret of her own glowing hair. But it is clear from her suggestions that anybody who includes these superfoods during their pregnancy and is careful enough to take care of their hair, can easily flaunt the 'Bebo hair!'  

5 foods to eat during pregnancy

We spoke to Dr Sushmita K, consultant, obstetrics and gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospitals, Bengaluru, who explains why nutrition plays an important role in a pregnancy."Food habits are the most important changes seen in this phase.

You crave for some special food and you start hating some," she says adding a list of the most important foods an expecting mum must consider.

  • Foods with vitamin A source: Foods with vitamin A is what the body needs during pregnancy. Pumpkins, carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots have the rich source of vitamin A.
  • Vegetables and fruits: Eat a variety of vegetables and fruits in rotation, so include spinach, lauki in your diet.
  • Pulses, dals, nuts, cereals: If you are not a meat eater, include all kinds of pulses, dals and nuts in your diet.
  • Meat and poultry: See what suits you, you can consume meat and poultry during pregnancy, but it has to be cleaned properly. Meat gives you required amount of concentrated protein.
  • Fats: Your body needs more energy during pregnancy. It helps you to support in growing the baby and for delivery. Hence eat lot of butter and ghee during pregnancy.

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