Aww! Kareena Kapoor Khan consoles a crying Taimur as the two leave Mumbai

Aww! Kareena Kapoor Khan consoles a crying Taimur as the two leave Mumbai

Remaining true to her promise, Kareena takes Taimur along for her work trip, but he is not happy about it as his crying pictures prove!

Actor and mum Kareena Kapoor Khan is all set to appear on the big screen once again and has been preparing hard to get back to work. But since this will be her first big assignment post the birth of Taimur, it has naturally made the new mum anxious.

She recently admitted that since her son is only 8-months-old balancing work and personal life has already become slightly daunting.

"I have always maintained a personal and professional life but now it’s more difficult as Taimur is too young. I try to strike a balance," she recently shared.

But Khan clarified that even if she has to take her baby along for work, she would.

Taimur wasn't happy to fly out!

And as it turns out Kareena did exactly that when she took Taimur away to New Delhi to start shooting for her newest flick.

Only this time Taimur was in no mood to smile for the cameras and was tearing up as mum Kareena tried to pacify her baby.

The happy and radiant actor was seen with her nanny and son Taimur at the Mumbai airport. But as soon as they entered the premises Taimur started tearing up, forcing mum Kareena to immediately take him from the nanny and console him.

Kareena has stayed true to her word when she recently admitted that she won't leave her baby behind for work assignments.

"If I have to go for a shoot, I’ll take him with me"

“I don’t like being away from Taimur, I don’t want to miss out on a single moment of his childhood. If I have to go for a shoot, I’ll take him with me sometimes but it’s a tough balance,” she shared earlier.

The new mum has also always maintained that Taimur is never without a parent and always protected. But she doesn't want to hide him away from the public either.

"Taimur is never without one parent because we always ensure that one of us is with him. About being all out and open, well, I am not trying to set an example. I am just living my life and I want to feel happy about it. I want him to know that we are actors and we are like this. I hope people appreciate that," the Jab We Met actor shared.

But taking him along is not only to keep him close by and safe. Kareena also wants her son to learn some something specific from his working mum.

"Taimur is going to grow up with a working mom. My sister, his masi is also a working woman. He has my mother to look up to, my mother-in-law who is still working woman. So, he is going to grow up in that atmosphere and learn to respect women in that sense," the doting new mum recently told Vogue.

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And we agree. Having a working mother is extremely beneficial for kids.

  • They act as ideal role models: Working mothers are role models for their kids and teach them not only about time management and multi-tasking but also about the importance of balancing work and home.
  • They raise independent kids: When kids watch their mothers handle situations and problems both at home and at office, they realise the importance of being self-reliant. Such kids then grow up to be independent.
  • They encourage kids to have academic bentStudies have proved that working mothers are able to raise who are also academically good because they are able manage their time well.

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