Kareena is not following the 40-day confinement period but these REAL MUMS think she should!

Kareena is not following the 40-day confinement period but these REAL MUMS think she should!

The actress had dinner at a popular Mumbai restaurant yesterday, eight days after her delivery.

The whole country couldn't help but notice how Kareena Kapoor Khan owned her pregnancy and flaunted her bump throughout the nine months of her pregnancy. And, surprisingly the new mum bounced back to action just after five days of her delivery as she celebrated Christmas with her friends and family.

While she definitely looked charming and gorgeous as hell in a red gown, many first-time mums like me were a little jealous as well looking at her glowing skin that too after five days of delivery.


However, yesterday Kareena was out again with hubby Saif and this time she was visiting her favourite eatery in Mumbai for dinner. This clearly shows that Kareena has no intentions to follow the 40-day confinement period, which is a tradition all across India and also many parts of south-east Asia to help the new mum and baby recover.


So, while we all raised our hands and clapped for Kareena every time she made an appearance during her pregnancy, this time we don't think it's good for her and her baby's health and recovery.

Why the confinement period is a must after delivery

The confinement period is a traditional practice that perhaps was developed to protect both the new mother and the baby from infections as well as help them recuperate post childbirth. While different parts of India and communities have different practices, the confinement period is mostly observed for a period one month to forty days.

These traditions stem from the fact that stress and tension can affect a new mum's health, her breast milk supply and even her state of mind, which could often lead to postnatal depression. There are several diet and health restrictions that are followed during that time, which also depends on the kind of delivery the mother had had.

mother and baby

New mums also like to move to their mother's house during this time so that they can be pampered and taken care of by the people they trust and love. Mothers also mostly indulge in regular massage sessions to help get their body back in shape and also to ease stress.

theindusparent spoke to a few real mums to find out why they recommend the confinement period to all new mothers. This is how it benefitted them:

1.Helped boost my immunity: "I religiously followed the 40-day confinement period and it helped me and my baby in regaining strength and immunity," says mummy Ankur Mamgain, who has a five-year-old son Arjun and lives in Bhatinda. Ankur also adds that the confinement period helped her give undivided attention to her baby and help develop an instant bond between the two.

2. Enhanced my breast milk supply: "While I was a little irritated at that time, now when I think about it I think it was beneficial," says Heena Lulla Singh, mother to two-year-old girl Myrah.

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"Following my mother's diet ensured that I eat healthy and not only helped me replenish the nutrients back in my body, it also helped with good breast milk flow. As I had a C-section and I also contracted UTI, the 40 days at home helped me in resting well and gave my body the much-needed rest. The bonding and feeding my baby also helped build our beautiful relationship from the start," she adds.

3. Eased my backache: Like Heena, Chetna Joshi, mother to a six-year-old girl from Chandigarh, was also not quite open to the idea in the beginning.

maternal and neonatal tetanus

"My mother-in-law is very traditional and I am the opposite but this difference did not matter for my MIL when I delivered because she had to do what she had to. So, I followed the confinement period half-heartedly," she says.

"In the month of June she did not let me sleep in the AC. Every day I had to take bath with a tub full of some kind of herbs, which she said would help my bones and over health in my fifties, which is the time women develop pain in their back and legs. Now in my 40s I see friends my age complaining of backaches and fast growing wrinkles on their face, and sheepishly thank my MIL for what she did as I don't have any such issues," adds Chetna.

4. Boosted my confidence as a new mother: "It helped me to gain confidence that I am strong enough to support my baby and the emotional attachment that we had was tremendous," says Monalisa Mandal from Jamshedpur, mother of a five-year-old girl Ranya.

"More importantly, I was away from all sort of viral infections going outside and provided me with a shield," she adds.

5. Didn't catch a cold for a year!: "I followed it for 3 months and took good rest, besides controlling the food that I eat, which meant eating less spicy food and nothing from the outside," says Sumana Guruprasad from Surat.

"It really helped me later on and also the baby in easing constipation, cold, flu and other ailments. You won't belive I didn't have cold for a year," she adds.

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