Kareena is losing 18 kilos of pregnancy weight because of THIS change in her life!

Kareena is losing 18 kilos of pregnancy weight because of THIS change in her life!

New mum Kareena Kapoor Khan gets candid about the change she incorporated in her life and how that is helping her be a better and fitter mum too

With her frequent trips to the gym, it looks like new mum Kareena Kapoor Khan is working hard to get back into shape. She is not only trying cardio and high-intensity workouts but also a special kind of yoga to lose the inches and get that glow.

But if you thought that she is only doing this because of her profession, you'd be wrong.

Being a celeb mum who is constantly scrutinized for her choices and her parenting skills has taken a toll on Kareena as well.

"I realized how insensitive people can be"

The yummy mummy got seriously candid in her dietician Rujuta Diwekar's book about the ugly and harsh comments she had to face about her weight and body post-delivery.

"When someone recently commented on a picture of mine post a yoga class and said I looked fat, I realized how insensitive people can be even if a woman has just delivered," she reportedly shared with Diwekar in her book, excerpts of which were shared with a leading daily.

Kareena also added, "It got me thinking about how women must feel about (and deal with) changes in their body post delivery. Maybe their world shatters, maybe they feel so under-confident that getting back into fab shape starts feeling like a faraway dream."

The new mum also shared four tips that helped her get through her pregnancy easily and lose weight easily post-delivery.

The BEST way to lose pregnancy weight post-delivery

The new mum was quoted as saying that a change in lifestyle helped her stay healthy and is pushing the weight loss process post-delivery.

"Since 2007, I have made a conscious effort to eat correctly, exercise and generally lead a more disciplined life. When Rujuta Diwekar (nutritionist) and I started on this journey, marriage was not even on the cards, and pregnancy wasn't even a faint idea in my heart; it started with getting in shape for a role and evolved into a lifestyle," Kareena is quoted.

She adds, "So, for you, if it starts with getting in shape for a wedding, job, holiday, choose your diet plan cautiously and ask yourself the big question — does it have the potential to evolve into a lifestyle?"

"And if it cannot and is something that's just a two-day or a two-month affair, drop it. If I could shoot during pregnancy, walk the ramp and travel the world, it's only because my body was healthy. I look the way I do because I have been at it for a decade, and not because of what I did or didn't do in the last two weeks or immediately post my delivery," advises Kareena who gained 18 kilos during her pregnancy.

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She also shared that she was instructed specially by her nutritionist to not rush back to the gym and take her own time.

Do not rush and take your time

Bebo says, "I remember specifically the conversation between me and Rujuta post my delivery when I told her to put me on the Tashan diet. She said no, we have to be careful, compassionate, feed the body well or risk hormonal imbalances later."

She gives the example of her sister. "Lolo (Karishma Kapoor) was in agreement with Rujuta. She had knocked off some 25 kgs post her second delivery and famously done it eating rice and fish curry, and she in my eyes is the fittest mom out there. And Saif, on his part, told me women are inherently beautiful so they really shouldn't bother with losing weight, it's the men who really need to get their act together. Very sweet he is, I know," says Kareena.

"Having your own life is important for the baby"

Apart from these two Kareena also added that people must not confuse pregnancy with sickness and new mums must not forget to look after themselves.

"Having your own life, staying healthy, keeping up with your work life are all important for the baby. A baby who grows up around a healthy and happy mom can build a good life for herself and contribute towards society much more meaningfully," says the new mum.

That we agree with Kareena!

These are certainly interesting and truth be told, practical tips and we are sure many mums are already on this path. But for those who are trying to lose baby weight, as Kareena suggests take your time and work according to your body.

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