New mum Kareena includes THIS item in all her post-pregnancy weight loss meals!

New mum Kareena includes THIS item in all her post-pregnancy weight loss meals!

Kareena Kapoor Khan, you are absolutely on point! It is the best food item ever.

New mum Kareena Kapoor Khan has many firsts to her credit.

From making pregnancy fashionable, to glorifying Indian diet as the go-to during pregnancy, to not rushing into losing weight post-delivery. In a way, Khan has silently led a healthy lifestyle campaign for expecting mums.

So it's was not a surprise that she finally came out to voice it at her dietician Rujuta Diwekar's newest book launch. Titled Pregnancy Notes, the book focuses on pre, during and post pregnancy diet and exercise regime and the reason Khan is endorsing it openly is because she has been following it religiously over the past year and a half.

In fact, she credits her pregnancy glow, active lifestyle and quick post-pregnancy weight loss to Diwekar's almost-magical tips! And in doing so, Khan also revealed some never-before-heard details about her favourite pregnancy food.

Here's are snippets from her conversation that you can also count as advice for expecting mums!

#1 One food that can help you sail through pregnancy and post it

"It (losing weight) has been a gradual process. Yes, it has been six months. But it's going to be this whole one year. We are going to do it the right way. Eat the right kind of food. Just so everybody knows I had lots of ghee. Even in my daal I want a little bit of it. I enjoyed the taste and it is literally helping me with my skin, my hair, everything. And the most important thing is that I am also very happy. I think a happy mother is the best mother," begins Kareena.

She also explained why women need to focus on what they eat!

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#2 Plan your daily meals during pregnancy

Kareena explains, "Being a mother and carrying the child for nine months and then giving birth, looking after the child, there is a lot that comes into play mentally, physically, hormonally so many things are taking place. I feel that women sometimes don't even know what they're going through. So the most important things is to figure out an eating plan, eat right. Eat every two hours, eat the right kind of food."

What you were eating much before you got pregnant is more importance

To this, Diwekar adds," Also too many women obsess about what to eat once they're pregnant or after they have delivered because they would just like to quickly lose that weight. But what is of paramount importance is what you were eating much before you got pregnant. Because your pregnancy and how quickly you get back into shape post delivery is very much on what kind of health status you had before pregnancy."

#3 Always opt for home-cooked food

Kareena shares why she chose Diwekar to help her through her pregnancy.

"Rujuta was one of the first ones I called after I decided that I wanted to have a child. I actually called her up and I said, "Listen this is what am planning. Obviously don't tell anybody but let's work towards it because I really want to be fit and if am fit before that am going to sail through." And with the support of so many people, my friends, family, Rujuta, I think it's been a well-documented pregnancy that has just flown by. So it actually made me feel, "Wow! I can. Should I do it again?" quips Khan who focussed only on eating Indian home-cooked food during her pregnancy.

Kareena shares, "Key is if you keep your gut clean, automatically everything is just cleansed. It's easier for common people to eat clean. It's nothing we celebrities are doing that is out of the box. In fact, we're eating what's normal and made at home...If basic daal-rice can help you lose weight, what's wrong with that! Why bother about the expensive goji berries, and the cranberries."

"Indians and our DNA is completely different. At least I can say that for me I am a true-blue Punjabi and my DNA is completely different. So I need to have Indian food, I need to have basic home-cooked meal, to keep me healthy and happy," she adds.

#4 Hit the gym not to get to size zero

The new mum explained, "The most normal thing that a woman goes through is childbirth and every woman puts on a few kilos. It happen naturally. I never felt any pressure. The idea of going to the gym or eating right is because I want to feel good about myself. I want to feel happy, feel right. So going to the gym is not about getting to size zero."

"So many people are like why does she have to leave her baby and go to the gym, I genuinely read these comments. And I think that's the most stupid thing ever. Because having a child doesn't mean that you cannot feel good. Or that you cannot go to the gym for an hour.  If your mental health is right! Even brains have hormones and if they are feeling right, automatically your day goes well, Taimur is happy, everybody is happy. There's absolutely no pressure. I am the most relaxed, chilled out girls. I don't listen. I do what I feel is right," added the confident and happy mum.

#5 Make time for and with the baby and stay happy

She says that now her schedule has completely changes thanks to Taimur, but she still manages to squeeze in sometime for herself, often hitting the gym during that time.

"I like sleeping early, I like waking up early because Taimur sleeps early and of course, he's up at 7am. This has helped me get into this routine. It's helped me be fitter, getting my 8-9 hours of sleep at the right time. It's lights out at 10.30 pm," she shares.

The new mum also called out all the haters who questioned her for "leaving her baby at home to workout!"

Well, clearly that's a whole bunch of quality advice from the new mum and honestly, it works for most women.

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