These pics of Karanvir Bohra's twins at a wedding are too CUTE to miss!

These pics of Karanvir Bohra's twins at a wedding are too CUTE to miss!

Mum Teejay Sidhu actively updates twins’ social media account...

Their names are Bella and Vienna and they are the newest social media sensation. TV actor Karanvir Bohra and former VJ Teejay Siddhu’s 11-month-old daughters are the latest celeb kids that are melting our hearts right now.

The proud parents who love sharing little nuggets of their kids’ life on social media recently sharted a few pictures of the girls attending a destination wedding.

It was mum Teejay Siddhu’s brothers’ wedding in Mexico and we can say without an iota of doubt that the youngest guests were also the most special guests at the wedding.

Siddhu who also maintains a dedicated social media account for the babies (which by the way, has a massive following already!) posted several pictures on Instagram from the wedding and the little twin girls managed to steal the show.

In one of the pictures, the girls are seen dressed as little flower girls wearing lovely pink lehengas with flower headbands completing their looks.

In yet another picture the kids are seen enjoying a dance at one of the wedding functions, this time both of them dressed in matching orange lehengas.

But wait, if you thought that these less-than-a-year-old fashionistas have only packed ethnic wear for the wedding in their travel wardrobe then we must tell you that their wardrobe looks more stylish than ours!

The little ones also have their beachwear packed with them to the T.

The girls were also seen frolicking the beach dressed in adorable yellow swimsuits. Both mum and dad seem to be enjoying every moment of this destination wedding with their two kids and are regularly seen acknowledging their blessings on Instagram.

The new parents are also taking up the challenges that parenthood brings along quite sportingly.

Bohra also posted a video of the two girls clapping and one of them breaking into tears at the wedding. Bohra also posted the caption in which he included his wife and summed up parenting perfectly.

He wrote: "Sweety @bombaysunshine our days of peace and quiet nights or days are over.... These cutties @twinbabydiaries have started acknowledging each other. I'm sure they will watch each other's back when they grow up, but for now, the look #bella&Vienna are giving each other is #straightouttacompton ?#fightfightfight#omnamahshivaya"

The two little girls were also seen bonding with the bride and groom and we are sure that there was never a dull moment at the wedding with these two cupcakes for company.

We wish the parents a happy family time and we would love to see more updates coming from the girls.

Tips for documenting childhood on social media just like TV couple Karanvir and Teejay

1.Preserves memories: While we were lucky that our parents could save memories of our childhood through hazy pictures preserved in photo albums today we have the option of saving moments of our children’s’ lives in real time and at the same time even sharing it with our loved ones.

So it is a good idea to cherish these moments and record them for posterity for your kids to see later in their lives. It is the best gift you can give yourself and even to them.

2. Be cautious: However it is also advisable not to throw caution to wind and be mindful of what you may want to share with the world. Many people choose not share the location of the places they are in or they are going to just to preserve their privacy.

3. Include families: Social media bonding can also be instrumental in bringing families together. It can be one of the most effective ways for extended families living away from each other to feel connected and also involved in your little children’s’ growing up years.

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[All images courtesy: Instagram]

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