Karan Singh Grover has become an 'ideal husband' thanks to his father-in-law!

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The 'ideal husband' revealed that his father-in-law has been his biggest support!

In their one year as a married couple, Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover have proved that they just can't get enough of each other. Their PDA-filled social media posts often turn into mutual-admiration letters and give us major couple goals.

And while it may look easy from the outside, it has taken a lot of hard work and patience for the two to make it work.

Just as any other normal couple, this celebrity couple also faces its meltdown moments, but Grover reveals that there is one mantra that he learnt from his father-in-law that helps them sail through all problems.

Happy 1st Anniversary my love. You are and will always be my everything. Thank you for loving me so much.

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Father-in-law's precious advice

While speaking to a leading daily about their first marriage anniversary, Grover said that they are just like any other regular couple. But there is one thing that sets them apart from others, and that is an invaluable mantra that his father-in-law taught him.

He said that whenever the two have an argument, he follows his father-in-law's advice.

He shared that his father-in-law told him, "Hamara dono biwi na... fire hai (Our wives are like fire)! Tum usske saath thoda thanda rehna (You be calm with her). Tum water sign na, aag ke upar paani daal dena (You are a water sign, so douse the fire with your calming power). No problem.’ One day, I saw Bipasha and her mom fighting and it was like this tandaav happening! Her dad and I kept looking at each other. His sarcasm and humour is something else."

Resolving personal conflicts

The actor also adds that while the couple does fight many times, they take turns to make up and resolve their conflicts. "We don’t have problems, but fights and we get engrossed too much in that, so we take turns." he shared.

Grover also added that he feels that his wife is almost always right.

"I understand what she’s saying once I process what she says. I have to analyse it. The most annoying thing about her is that she’s always right. It’s tough to be in a fight where you know that the other person is always right, no matter what and you are spending the rest of your life with her (Bipasha laughs). No matter how angry or upset you get in your head and heart you know that she’s right. I like to be right sometimes (looking at Bipasha). She’s very particular about always being on time," he shared with DNA.

It seems that this couple understands each other well and know how to make things work. And the most striking part perhaps is the fact that they communicate well with each other, which certainly is the basis of a happy marriage.

3 traits of a happily married couple

  • They love to spend time with each other: When two people who respect and love each other as friends get married, they certainly like to spend a lot of time with each other. Such couples do not get bored in each other's company and would almost always have something to discuss and talk about.
  • They are honest with each other: Honesty is the best policy pretty much everywhere and more so in a marriage. This trait is a reflection of one's respect and love for their partner and goes a long way in strengthening the marital bond.
  • They have open lines of communication: Communication is truly the key to a happy and successful marriage. When you share all your happiness and sorrow with each other, you are not just fulfilling a vow of marriage, but are also playing an important role in strengthening your marriage.

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