Karan Patel's open letter to his wife Ankita will instantly melt your heart!

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The much-in-love couple also celebrated their one-year anniversary with a trip to London, UK, and shared some candid moments of their travel

It wasn't exactly a Mills and Boons love story for actors Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava, who tied the knot last year amid much fanfare. In fact, Patel had just come out of an alleged romance with a fellow co-star Kamya Punjabi. And, he was at the time facing criticism for his sudden decision to settle down with Bhargava.

But all that is in the past now.

The initial turmoil of their much publicised wedding has been taken over by their public display of affection on their individual social media accounts. The much-in-love couple also celebrated their one-year anniversary with a trip to London, UK, and shared some candid moments of their travel.

And now, the doting husband Karan Patel, is ringing in his wife's birthday with a note that is sure to melt your heart. He reportedly had the letter published through a daily (The Times of India), and interestingly wrote about their journey through highs and lows. But most importantly, he thanked his wife for "putting up" with him.

But candidly expressing his love for his doting wife is not new to Karan, who has done so on many ocassions. But it is the first time he has apologised for not being able to fulfill many promises.

All said and done, if you need an inspiration on what to say to your wife on her birthday, we'd suggest you take a cue from Patel.

Continue reading to see the heartwarming letter. 

Here's the letter that will melt your heart.


My darling wife Ankita

The happiest birthday to the Best Wife in the world. I've said I love you a million times to you but I should have rather said I love you and THANK YOU. Thank you for putting up with a brat like me and making my life the beautiful poetry it has become. I've messed up far more number of times than anyone can imagine and you've been very patient and kept giving me chances to work upon myself. But today, I want to say SORRY for all the hurt and pain that my doings may have caused you.

I cannot even in my wildest dreams think of taking my next breath without having you as my wife. I have been amazing at making promises but miserable at keeping them. So today, in the presence of everyone reading this, I want to make a few promises, which I will keep this time. I promise I will try not to repeat the mistakes I've made in the past. I promise I will try and bring more smiles on your face than tears in your eyes.

@bumpsndents ... Definitily my BETTER HALF ... Love you baby ...!

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I promise I will try and be the person you want me to become. And lastly, I promise I will try to be a better person, if not a better husband. It's your birthday and you're supposed to be getting gifts, but I think God changed the tradition and gifted YOU to ME instead.

So with each passing day, I want to thank God for sending his most precious angel to me as my wife. I am sorry and I truly, deeply, madly, insanely, addictively and crazily LOVE YOU TO DEATH...! So, ANKITA KARAN PATEL (my name never sounded better) wish you a very very happy birthday my love. May you be showered upon with all that you ever wished for.

God bless....

Your not so perfect husband, Karan

Well, he may not be the perfect husband, but he just scored the perfect 100 in impressing his wife.

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