Karan Johar revealed something unbelievable about Rani Mukherjee's parenting style!

Karan Johar revealed something unbelievable about Rani Mukherjee's parenting style!

"I kept teasing Rani by calling her Mother India because she’s obsessive about her daughter. We’re all amused about that," revealed Johar

In just about three months, Rani Mukherjee's baby girl, Adira, will be one-year-old. And while her family has spent a fair amount of time around their little doll, the world still hasn't got a glimpse of her.

If you thought, this might be because of dad Aditya Chopra, who is an extremely private person and doesn't even like to be photographed, you'd be wrong. Because the actual reason why we haven't seen Adira yet is mum Rani.

Yes, you read it right!

She is reportedly very protective of her daughter and doesn't want to leave her alone even for a minute. And who better to make this revelation than her best friend and director, Karan Johar.

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Karan Johar: I call Rani 'Mother India'

In an exclusive conversation with Filmfare, Johar shared that he was very happy that his best friends, Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukherjee had become parents.

But he revealed something unbelievable in his conversation.

He revealed that he calls Rani Mukherjee 'Mother India' because he feels she is over protective of her daughter.

“I met Rani and Adi (Aditya Chopra) in Europe and spent some time with them. I kept teasing Rani by calling her Mother India because she’s obsessive about her daughter. We’re all amused about that. Adi and I are always laughing about how hysterical she is, but she’s lovely,” said the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil director.

He also added that he has seen Adira and she looks quite beautiful, thanks to her mother's good looks.

"Adira is beautiful. Adi and Rani are special to me and their child is exceptionally special. I get teary eyed when I see Rani and Adi as parents. Adi is my closest friend in the industry. In fact we’re best friends,” said Johar.

Continue reading to see how Rani Mukherjee made a splash with her recent spotting sans Adira!

Rani spotted sans Adira!

The now reclusive Rani Mukherjee was recently spotted at two separate functions during the recently concluded Ganpati festival. She was first spotted with sister-in-law Jyoti Mukherjee and her niece.

The doting mum also paid a visit to close friend Manish Malhotra, who had organised a Ganpati puja and celebrations at his palacial Mumbai home. He also shared a picture with the radiant actress and quoted her as 'friends forever' who have 'worked together for years!'

This maybe the first time since Rani Mukherjee and husband Aditya Chopra were spotted together in Paris after the Yash Raj crew wrapped up the movie Befikre.

It was during this very shoot schedule that the doting parents took their darling daughter with them and with Karan's statement proving that Rani is overprotective, we are not surprised that Adira was not part of that posed shot!

5 things overprotective mums are doing wrong!

As Johar mentioned that Mukherjee can be quite an overprotective parent at times, it must be noted that this type of parenting for kids who may no longer be babies can be quite harmful.

Acting as a protector to your child all the time can actually make them loose self confident. Here are a five things that overprotective Indian mums and dads are doing wrong.

  • You are making your child timid: By always being there and trying to solve every little problem of your kid, as opposed to letting them solve their own issues, you are making your child extremely timid. This way they may not be able to solve their problems without your or somebody else' help.
  • Helping with homework can make them less smart: If you help your middle-schooler with homework and literally do it for them, you are in no way helping. This actually leads the child to not apply their own knowledge and depend on you for little things.
  • Spoon feeding, literally!: Making a snack for your baby or for your five-year-old is still all right, but when you carry forward this habit for your child who may now be a teenager, it's not such a good habit anymore. You need to be able to let them to things on their own, this includes fixing up a snack.
  • Deciding your child's career: Quite recently actor Riteish Deshmukh mentioned that he would want his sons to make their own life and career choices, a freedom that he himself enjoyed. This is precisely what all Indian parents must learn to do. Avoid meddling in career and life choices for your kids, this will only help them learn their way around the world better.
  • Accompanying them to important interviews: For Indian parents this might seem like a usual thing to do, but this actually makes your child come across as dependent and incapable. Letting them go alone for important events can help them boost their confidence and be more independent.

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