Here they are! New dad Karan Johar finally shares the first ever picture of his twins

Here they are! New dad Karan Johar finally shares the first ever picture of his twins

Cuteness overload!

Filmmaker and new dad Karan Johar had so far kept the identity of his twins hidden from the world.

In fact, on March 5, when the 44-year-old filmmaker made the official announcement of the arrival of his twins Roohi and Yash, he did not share their pictures.

Johar who became a single father of twins, via surrogacy also kept them away from the paparazzi while he was bringing them home from the hospital.

Johar babies are here!

But now it seems he has done what any excited new parent would do. Johar finally shared the first ever picture of his twins and they look gorgeous.

The filmmaker shared a candid photograph of his mum Hiroo holding his babies on his Instagram account. And he also made an important announcement with it.

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Along with the photograph, Johar captioned it: "6 months old today....#roohiandyash #happyrakshabandhan #lovesofmylife."

For the uninitiated, Karan Johar's twins were born premature and had to kept under observation for more than a month.

In fact, he shared a note about his premies and stated, "My children were born two months premature and worryingly underweight. Like any person in this situation and on the brink of fatherhood, my heart sank."

The director added, "Knowing that there were complications with my babies' birth owing to how soon it was, I was terrified. All I wanted to do was hold them and protect them but they needed to be in the NICU. It was painful to see how tiny they were... Thankfully, I had a great support system. Roohi and Yash were in the hands of the most competent and patient doctors. Something that had its roots in an ordeal, soon turned into an experience that I will never forget."

Karan designed a special nursery for his twins

But thankfully, by March end he was able to bring them home, where he along with Bff Gauri Khan designed a nursery for his babies.

With whites and pastels as the primary theme, she decorated Roohi and Yash's nursery with a gorgeous crib, lots of fun toys and storage for their designer baby clothes!

With her own personal touch and quirky design, Khan made the new dad super happy. But even after that Johar had to remove a few things from the nursery, owing to his superstition.

Some news reports suggest that Karan's astrologer asked him to remove pictures of cow's skull and birds such as vultures, which as per him shouldn't be in a baby's room.

Either way, the newest picture that Johar has share is an indication that all is well and that Johar is clearly enjoying his time as a new parent and couldn't hold back to show his babies to the world.

But we are sure, he must have had to work hard to care for his premies, as any normal parent.

I miss my babies!!!! #roohiandyash

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And if you also happen to be parents of premies, here's what you need to know about the time they may be kept under observation.

3 things to know if your baby is in the NICU

Most premies are kept in neonatal intensive care unit or NICU. And while at first the place might scare new parents with its tubes and high-tech nursery, rest assured your baby will come out healthy and stronger once through there.

But here are a few things you must know about an NICU.

  • Importance of NICU: If your baby is born prematurely or suffered complications during delivery or is showing any signs of health issues during the first few days of birth, they will be kept in NICU based on the doctor's recommendations.
  • Equipment used on the baby: This depends on the health problem your baby may have. However, there are five primary equipments used in an NICU such as monitors and alarms to respond to the baby's needs immediately, isolettes and warmers to monitor the baby's body temperature, phototherapy machines to treat jaundice and respiratory equipments as well as machines and tubes to be used as IVs.
  • Personnel who will care for your baby: There are specialised personnels who care for the babies in the NICU and these include neonatal nurse practitioner, nurses on shifts, a neonatologist, a respiratory therapist and a nutritionist among others. Basically, there are a lot of specialists who are responsible for your baby in the NICU.

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