30-year-old Kanpur woman commits suicide; blames in-laws in Facebook video

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30-year-old Kanpur woman Jasleen Kaur committed suicide by jumping in the Ganga. She was married to a business Pavneet Singh in Kanpur and was originally from Jaipur.

There are a select few Indian bahus who are as lucky as Balika Vadhu actor Neha Marda, who are pampered by in-laws. Then there are few like 30-year-old Kanpur woman Jasleen Kaur who face so much opposition and abuse by in-laws that they commit suicide.

Yes, that's right. The sad incident happened in Kanpur yesterday when 30-year-old Jasleen Kaur committed suicide by jumping in the Ganga.

She was married to a business Pavneet Singh in Kanpur and was originally from Jaipur. The couple resided in the Pandu Nagar locality of Kanpur.

Kanpur woman commits suicide, posts video on FB

Shockingly enough, Jasleen posted a video on Facebook before taking the extreme step. She blamed her mother-in-law and father-in-law for driving her to suicide in that video.

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"I want to live with my husband but I am unable to do so... that's why I am committing suicide," an emotional Jasleen says in the video. The video went viral minutes after it was posted on FB:


Her husband has however denied the reason for her suicide. Jasleen was unable to clear her CA exams and that's why she took this drastic step, he told the media.

Divers spotted the body in the Ganga and rushed Jasleen to Lala Lajpat Rai hospital in Kanpur. However, she was declared dead on arrival.

"Jasleen Kaur, who was a native of Jaipur, ended her life by jumping into the Ganga. The family of the deceased has been informed and they are on their way to Kanpur. The body of the woman has been kept in mortuary and postmortem would be conducted on Sunday," said Gaurav Grover, Supritendant of Police, West Kanpur to the media.

Law against domestic violence in India:

The sad truth is that many Indian women do not have a clue about what legal steps they can take when they face the domestic violence of any kind.

Section 498-A of Indian Penal Code defines four kinds of cruelty as per Indiatogether.org:  

  • One that is likely to drive a woman to suicide,

  • One that causes  grave injury to the life of a woman

  • harassment that forces a woman or her family to give some property

  • harassment if the woman is unable to yield to demands for more money, dowry or property.

The punishment is imprisonment for upto three years and a fine. The complaint against cruelty need not be lodged by the person herself. Any relative may also make the complaint on her behalf.

The following are the kinds of cruelty that are recognised in the court of law:

  • Denial of food,

  • Insisting on perverse sexual conduct,

  • Locking a woman out of the house,

  • Denying the woman access to children

  • Physical violence,

  • Taunting, demoralising and putting down the woman with the intention of causing mental torture,

  • Confining the woman at home and not allowing her normal social intercourse,

  • Abusing children in their mother's presence with the intention of causing her mental torture,

  • Denying the paternity of the children with the intention of inflicting mental pain upon the mother, and

  • Threatening divorce unless dowry is given.

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