Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli is pregnant and THIS is what she decided to do first!

Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli is pregnant and THIS is what she decided to do first!

Rangoli may have made this important decision by herself, but luckily her biggest supporters are her in-laws!

When she was just 23-years-old, Rangoli Ranaut was attacked with acid by an unrequited lover. She lost 90 percent vision in one eye, one of her breasts became dysfunctional and she had to undergo 57 surgeries in order to be able to look 'normal.'

"The physical pain was excruciating and at 23 the mental trauma was painful," she shared in an interview.

But after years of trauma and rejection even by her fiance, the gorgeous pahadi girl finally found love. Rangoli married her childhood friend Ajay Chandel in a simple ceremony in Delhi in 2011 and after seven years of matrimonial bliss, the couple are all set for another journey, this time as parents.

Yes, you read that right!

Maasi-to-be Kangana is super excited

The 'good news' was reportedly shared by none other than the elated maasi-to-be, Kangana Ranaut.

And while she is super excited about the prospect of becoming a maasi for the first time, she's going to have to dismiss Rangoli from her professional duties towards her. (Rangoli manages Kangana's work and travels with her to shoots).

That's because of a very specific issue with Rangoli's pregnancy.

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This is Rangoli's second pregnancy!

While the announcement has made their fans and family happy, the fact that this is not Rangoli's first pregnancy has made her condition more vulnerable.

Reportedly, Rangoli had a miscarriage during her first pregnancy sometime last year and so she is taking extra precautions during this one. So the first thing she has decided to do is to stop working!

"Yes Rangoli is pregnant and she has taken time off from work...Rangoli suffered a miscarriage just before she went for Simran's shoot with sister Kangana. So this time she had to be very careful and had to take care of her. Hence she took time off from work. She is due in October end," a source was quoted by an entertainment daily.

In fact, the person taking most care of Rangoli is her mum-in-law.

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Mum-in-law taking care of Rangoli

The source clarified, "She is enjoying this phase and is spending time with her husband and the entire family. Her mother-in-law is also taking good care of her. In fact, Rangoli will be taking off to Himachal, away from the hustle-bustle of the city, to just relax. She will return to Mumbai only for the delivery."

Rangoli who herself is an acid attack victim has been at the helm of affairs for her sister. In fact, soon after Kangana started her career, Rangoli joined her and post marriage her husband also shifted based to Mumbai.

The courageous 34-year-old is now naturally on cloud nine and is leaving no stone unturned to have a normal pregnancy. But while Rangoli maybe well informed, many people still think that conception after a miscarriage could be difficult.

Coping with a miscarriage and conception thereafter

We spoke to Dr Priyanka Mehta, Online Gynaecologist at ePsyClinic.com, Delhi, who explained, "Most miscarriages occur as a ‘one-off’ (sporadic) event and there is a good chance of having a successful pregnancy in the future." However, she adds that at this juncture in a woman's life, it is her partner who plays the most important role.

"After the miscarriage partners may be left to deal with all the practical issues: things like passing on the bad news to others, looking after the house and caring for any other children. Some partners find it helpful to focus on practical matters. But it can add to your stress, so it makes sense to accept offers of help. Do share your feelings with someone. If you are not used to talking about your feelings it may feel difficult at first, but it might be worth trying," she advises.

She suggests the following three things such parents can do together.

  • Be sensitive towards your partner s current emotional and physical state: be patient and reassuring towards your partner. What he or she needs is a sympathetic ear. This kind of attitude will help her deal more effectively with her loss.
  • Give them a shoulder to cry on: Grieving is normal and so is crying. Instead of asking your partner to not feel sad or cry let them vent out and share their sadness and thoughts. You should also write down your feelings or talk about it. Sharing your feelings with your partner would make him/her feel that they are not alone experiencing this grief.
  • Help your partner plan their daily schedules more productively and positively: Make sure that your partner is not spending too much time in isolation. As time goes by make sure your partner avoid isolating times and are spending time in activities that they label as pleasurable or that give them a sense of achievement. Do not force them into it but plan this with them and this means you have to be a part of this.

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