'Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki' stars Kiran Karmarkar and Rinku Dhawan are headed for a divorce?

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Television actors Kiran Karmarkar and Rinku Dhawan have been married for 15 years and have a teenage son together.

Television actors Kiran Karmarkar and Rinku Dhawan first met on the sets of the popular soap Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki. Even though they played siblings, sparks flew between them and the two fell in love. Resulting in a 15-year long matrimony.

However today—the couple who are also parents to a teenager—are no longer on the same page and are reportedly headed for divorce. Yes! You read that right.

In the growing list of failing marriages in the telly world, looks like their names are soon to be added as well.

Sources close to the couple have finally out to acknowledge that all is not well in the Karmarkar and Dhawan marriage.

'Unresolved differences' are leading them up to a divorce?

While speaking to a daily, the source shared, "Both Kiran and Rinku are mature, creative people. After being together for 15 years, they have decided to separate because of unresolved differences — they believe it is better than living in constant acrimony. The decision is amicable and their priority is their teenager son."

The two have also been quite busy with their work. On the work front, both Kiran and Rinku have been quite busy. While Karmarkar is working on Dhhai Kilo Prem, Dhawan was part of the recently wrapped up telly soap Yeh Vaada Raha.

"They don't want unnecessary publicity to upset their son"

While the couple themselves have not come out to confirm the same, their closest friends say that they are fiercely guarding their privacy and not sharing much because of their son.

"Rinku and Kiran don't want to talk about their personal lives. They are fiercely guarding their privacy as they don't want unnecessary publicity to upset their son," the source added.

And it is fair since they have not confirmed anything yet and the rumours of their divorce are already doing rounds. Such things do affect kids. But it can be handled with a bit of discussion and openness with the kids.

"Children don't just sail through parental conflict, separation, divorce, and remarriage. There are lasting consequences. Children are affected by single parenting and step-parenting turn out to be no substitute for a missing father or mother. They feel that living in an unhappy marriage may be far better for them than separation or divorce," explains Delhi-based clinical psychologist, Anuja Kapur.

She however, adds that the process can be made bearable with a few crucial steps.

  • Share your feelings honestly: Telling your kids the truth about what’s going on is paramount. Tell them why the marriage failed, but do it without badmouthing your former spouse. Admit to your own mistakes and faults that contributed to the failure of the marriage – kids see these things clearly anyway! Reassure them that it was in no way their fault. Tell them you love them unconditionally and you’re committed to help them through the difficult road that lies ahead.
  • Shield your kids from negativity: Being honest with your kids does not require that you expose them to all the violence of emotion involved. Keep the negativity as private as possible.
  • Treat your kids respectfully: Adults have to learn to talk. If you have something to tell your former spouse, don’t ask your kids to tell them for you; tell them yourself.

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