Justice at last: Supreme Court rules that Nirbhaya rapists are to be hanged

Justice at last: Supreme Court rules that Nirbhaya rapists are to be hanged

"The way the crime happened, it sounds like a story of a different world," the judges said while giving out the death sentence

On the fateful night of December 16, 2012, a 23-year-old aspiring physiotherapist was brutally gangraped and tortured by six men in a moving bus in Delhi. They inflicted severe pain on her, pulled out her intestines and left her for dead.

Sadly, after putting up a brave fight for 13 days, Nirbhaya died in a Singapore hospital, leaving our entire country in a state of shock. During the course of her final days, the only thing she truly wanted was justice.

And today, she has been given one.

Justice at last for Nirbhaya

The Supreme Court today reportedly rejected the plea by the four (remaining) rapists that challenged their death penalty.

The apex court shared that the act of Akshay Thakur, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta and Mukesh (as well as the juvenile and Ram Singh  who hanged himself) was “brutal and demonic” and this was “a story of a different world.”

In their chilling 429-page judgement the judges said, “If ever a case called for hanging, this was it…The nature and manner of the crime devastated social trust and is in the rarest of rare category warranting the death penalty.”

They added that it was Nirbhaya aka Jyoti Singh’s dying wish- to get justice and “The victim’s dying declaration is consistent; it has been proved beyond doubt and corroborated.” Their statements were not just spine-chilling but ones that all of us should know about.


Image courtesy: Hindustan Times

7 chilling things the judges said

  • “The way the crime happened, it sounds like a story of a different world.”
  • “Aggravating circumstances outweigh mitigating circumstances in the case…the offence created a tsunami of shock.”
  • “Criminal conspiracy of six men is established…all efforts were made to destroy evidence, like running the bus over the victim and her friend.”
  • “This incident shows the collective conscience of the society.”
  • “The brutal and demonic manner in which the gang rape was committed, the victim and her friend were thrown out of the bus and the attempt to kill them to stave evidence cannot be accepted or tolerated.”
  • “Scientific evidence like DNA profiling of the victim and the accused proves to the hilt that they were present at the crime spot.”
  • “Evidence produced by the Delhi police is impeccable.”

Although this verdict pretty much seals the deal for these criminals, they can still file two appeals in the Supreme Court and even approach the President for a pardon.

What happened to the juvenile who went scot-free?

As for the juvenile, in case you are wondering where he is- the NGO that was responsible for giving him shelter for a few days after his release on December 20, 2015, has shared that he is reportedly working as a cook down south.

Hindustan Times quoted an NGO official as saying, “He was always worried about getting lynched and that is why he was sent to the southern part of the country. Now, the verdict has come, focus will again move to him but he is at a place where he might not even see the national news channels. His employer is not aware of his past and even he has left it behind.”

It seems that the most violent of all six is now living scot-free and whether or not he will ever be tried again remains to be seen. But for now, Nirbhaya’s parents are breathing a sigh of relief.

How Nirbhaya’s parents reacted

While the judgement was being awarded, Jyoti’s parents were in the court, listening intently to it. And in their own words, they finally feel “We have got justice.”

In fact, just hours before the verdict Jyoti’s mother told a leading daily, “The court must sentence them to death. We won’t settle for life imprisonment. I am alive and kept myself strong only to see this day…I won’t visit any temple. My fight against them is my religion and duty. I will go to court and pray that they are hanged.”

It seems that their fight has now come to end and this case will forever be etched in the minds of the people as the “worst there ever was.”

How this case has changed us all!

Today all news channels carried this news, the social media was also abuzz with people’s reaction and many celebrated a silent victory. But it wan’t just about the sharing of news about a heinous crime and its end.

This day, May 5, 2017, will be remember as the historic red letter day, when the worst of humanity got what it deserved and the innocent, their justice.

May her soul rest in peace.

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[Images courtesy: Hindustan Times]

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