I just follow her instructions: Akshay Kumar on wife Twinkle Khanna

I just follow her instructions: Akshay Kumar on wife Twinkle Khanna

Wish all husbands were like him!

He might be one of India's superstar actors but when it comes to listening to his wife's instructions, Akshay Kumar has no choice but to follow them blindly.

He says that he has no option but to match up to the ladies of his family, his sasumaa, veteran actress Dimple Kapadia, and his wife, Twinkle Khanna. According to the star, both of them are style icons.

"My mother-in-law [veteran actress Dimple Kapadia] is a style icon and wouldn't have me any other way. I have no option but match up to the ladies in the family. When my house was being made, my only contribution was to say nothing. And it looks pretty damn good," he said in an interview to a leading Mumbai tabloid.


So when it comes to choosing clothes for him he just follows his wife's instructions and says that she is the reason for his style.

"The same way, when she tells me what to wear, whether it's by bullying or not, I just follow her instructions," he added.

Akshay also revealed that while Twinkle has certainly turned producer with the film Padman, she hardly comes to sets and has left everything on the director R Balki. According to Akshay, Twinkle actually hates being on film sets.

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"She hardly comes for the shoot. Since she was a part of the industry and has seen her parents at work, a film set is the last place she wants to be. She hates it," he says.

Akshay is definitely setting new standards for all husbands and all men can take a cue or two from the way he treats his wife Twinkle. Here are a few things you can pick up too:

I just follow her instructions: Akshay Kumar on wife Twinkle Khanna

1. Appreciating your wife and saying words like "you are amazing" are a couple of things you can do every day to make her feel loved and respected.

2. As the woman of your life and the main caregiver of the family, she needs to know that she is in charge and you should let her do that.

3. A helping hand is always welcome as most wives are juggling too many things at a given time if you could lend her that hand, nothing like it.

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