Juhi Chawla’s daughter Jhanvi Mehta is a big girl now!

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Juhi Chawla's daughter Jhanvi who is currently studying in the prestigious Charter House in London is all grown up and keeps away from the limelight.

Juhi Chawla's daughter is all of 17 now and is off with brother Arjun to study in London.

Yes, you read that right.

She is the other Jhanvi in the Bollywood family who is bound to make news. But for now, this 17-year-old daughter of famous parents actor Juhi Chawla and businessman Jay Mehta is off to London to pursue further studies.

Jhanvi Mehta, who has mostly stayed away from the limelight with hardly ever being spotted with her mum during public outings, was recently pictured in London along with her mum and dad.

The family is currently in UK as both Jhanvi and her brother has taken admission in the prestigious boarding school Charter House in London.

Juhi Chawla's daughter is settled in London!

Both the kids will finish their education in the cold city and while we are sure mum and dad will miss them, Juhi who has always given a very sheltered upbringing to her two kids must have thought that it could be in the best interest for her kids to study abroad away from the limelight.

Can't believe my brilliant little girl ..!!!! ?????????????????????so proud of her ????????????????????

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It may be noted that Juhi has never ever expressed any desire of her kids joining the film industry. She had on an earlier occasion even said that her daughter Jhanvi might be interested in becoming a writer instead of an actor. Jhanvi too has maintained an extremely low public profile and unlike other starkids has hardly ever being photographed.

Mum Juhi has also maintained that the kids have also had minimum exposure to the limelight and have seen only a few of her mum Juhi Chawla’s films.

Juhi Chawla's daughter likes to be low-key!

Jhanvi has also never been spotted with her mum during the highly publicized IPL matches, despite the fact that friend and partner

Jhanvi has also never been spotted with her mum during the highly publicized IPL matches, despite the fact that friend and partner Shah Rukh Khan has always been quite proactive about bringing his kids to the stadium.

On a recent occasion though, Juhi admitted that her teenaged daughter is quite a Deepika Padukone and Varun Dhawan fan.

In an interview to TOI, Juhi had also said that she finds it funny because she remembered Varun as a kid who would accompany his dad David Dhawan to the sets, while Juhi was an actress. The 80’s star said she finds it amusing to see her daughter now head over heels following Varun.

No media attention for Juhi Chawla's daughter!

And though the strict mum has ensured her kids get little or no media attention the proud mum is quite vocal about her kids’ academic achievements.

It may be noted that Jhanvi is a brilliant student in school and up till now, she was studying at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai.

When a Guru enters your life .. There is love and light everywhere ... Thank you Sadhguruji ???

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Some time back, mum Juhi posted a picture of her daughter excellent performance in school. Jhanvi was amongst the ten students in her school to have achieved 10 A’s and above in academics.

Apart from this, Juhi who is active on social media posts regular pictures of her commercial works and outings but refrains from posting too much about her kids.

Now with the kids tucked away in faraway London, the media will get even lesser opportunities to photograph them. However we do wish Juhi and her kids’ all the best for their new innings.

My kids have hardly watched my movies: Juhi Chawla

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