Jennifer Winget is still very much a part of Bipasha and Karan Grover's married life!

Jennifer Winget is still very much a part of Bipasha and Karan Grover's married life!

Karan Singh Grover's ex-wife Jennifer Winget is confident her ex-in-laws still love her a lot even though their actual bahu is now Bipasha Basu!

Looks like B-town has become a place full of exes, thanks to the onslaught of broken marriages. And while some of them have managed to maintain a friendly relationship with each other, it looks like not everybody has been able to follow suit.

The latest ex-couple to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons have been Bipasha Basu's husband Karan Singh Grover and his ex-wife Jennifer Winget.

Just last year before his third marriage to Basu, Grover stated that he regretted marrying Winget. He said that marrying her was his biggest mistake because they rushed into it too quickly. He added that some people should only be friends and never marry. He also vowed to never rush into marriage again.

While Winget did not respond then, it seems she has finally spoken about her 'rushed marriage' as well as her in-laws!

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I won't call our marriage a mistake

"Well, that is his opinion and he is entitled to it. I won't call our marriage a mistake, though. I don't regret it because it was a choice I made. Waise, I don't regret anything that has happened in my life," she said about his 'regretful marriage' comment.

Speaking to a daily, Winget also said that she is still cordial with her ex-husband and even has a friendly relationship with Bipasha.

"If somebody is good to me, I'll reciprocate. What's the harm? If somebody says 'hello' to me, I won't turn my back on them. I know Karan, so why will I not say a 'hi'?" she said about her ex-husband.

Bipasha and I are connected in some way

Interestingly, it seems that Winget still remains a fixture in Basu and Grover's marriage.

Basu recently liked a post by Winget but after media noticed their 'growing' friendship, she 'unliked' it (all in full public view). But Winget is neither shocked nor too concerned.

"Fortunately or unfortunately, we are connected in some way. I can't say what made her unlike it later. All I can say is, we have moved on way beyond and are in a better space now. So, let things be," she added.

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They (in-laws) still love me, I know that

As for her ex-in-laws, Winget is quite sure that they still love her (perhaps even more than Bipasha?).

"Unfortunately, no. I am so busy that I barely get to see my own parents. Also, they live in Delhi. But I love them a lot, as they have given me so much love. I will always have the fondest memories of them. They are the most amazing people I have met. They still love me, I know that," she shared.

Winget's positive comments are not surprising since she has always maintained a stoic silence about her ex and even wanted to befriend Basu. Interestingly, even Basu did not seem to have a problem with Winget and even went on to talk about why Karan's previous two marriages did not bother her.

Bipasha not bothered by Karan's previous failed marriages

“It didn't bother me and we spoke about it. I believe that everyone has a journey, and it is very easy for anyone to exclaim, "Oh...this is his third marriage, nahin chalega... divorce ho jaayega." I tell people that you have to be in someone's shoes to know their story and understand their journey," shared Basu.

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This world is full of cynics, and thankfully, I have never been cynical no matter what has happened in my life. I have always been a believer. And Karan is like that, too. I feel I am lucky, as I live only for love. And no man has given me more love and respect than Karan," she added.

Well, it is quite clear that while Winget may be out of Grover's life, she still remains a part of his current marriage and people are still interested in them both.

Either way, both seemed to have moved on and for any future relationship to bloom, it's important for exes to do the same. And while this may be easier for those without kids, if there are kids involved, the situation is tougher.

Aftermath of a broken marriage

We spoke to Anuja Kapur about the aftermath of broken marriages on kids and she explains, "The revolution in sexual relationships is wrecking children's lives as well as those of adults. It can greatly affect child development and emotional health. Children don't just sail through parental conflict, separation, divorce, and remarriage. There are lasting consequences. Children are affected by single parenting and step-parenting turn out to be no substitute for a missing father or mother. Children feel that living in an unhappy marriage may be far better for them than separation or divorce."

So what can a parent do?

  • Be honest with them: Telling your kids the truth about what’s going on is paramount. Tell them why the marriage failed, but do it without badmouthing your former spouse. Admit to your own mistakes and faults that contributed to the failure of the marriage – kids see these things clearly anyway! Reassure them that it was in no way their fault. Tell them you love them unconditionally and you’re committed to help them through the difficult road that lies ahead.
  • Protect your kids from negativity: Being honest with your kids does not require that you expose them to all the violence of emotion involved. Keep the negativity as private as possible.
  • Don't treat your kids as spies: Adults have to learn to talk. If you have something to tell your former spouse, don’t ask your kids to tell them for you; tell them yourself.

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