Jaya Bachchan attends Esha Deol's godh bharai and blasts the priest for THIS reason

Jaya Bachchan attends Esha Deol's godh bharai and blasts the priest for THIS reason

Jaya Bachchan who was a special invitee at Esha Deol's godh bharai ceremony didn't hesitate once before giving the priest an earful!

Last Friday, Esha Deol's in-laws organised a private godh bharai ceremony for her. Apart from the puja and the aashirvaad ceremony, the parents-to-be also wed each other again marking the beginning of another journey together.

And while every eye was on the radiant mummy-to-be and guests were lining up to take pictures with Esha and Bharat, it looks like even the Pandit ji couldn't resist.

Apparently during the middle of the puja, one of the priests from the Pundit ji's team started clicking selfies with Esha.

Pandit ji angers Jaya Bachchan!

This irked a disciplinarian Jaya Bachchan who was a special invitee at the do and what she did next, shocked and amused everybody.

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An eye witness narrated the incident to a tabloid and said that during the rituals when Bachchan saw one of the priests clicking pictures, she called him out and blasted him in front of everybody.

"The moment Jayaji noticed someone from Panditji’s team clicking a selfie, she reprimanded him saying, ‘aap puja mein dhyan dijiye’ (you please concentrate on the puja). Everyone burst into laughter!,” the source revealed.

While many laughed it off as a genuine concern, it is the certainly not the first time Mrs B has lost her cool in public. She is known to be quite the disciplinarian and doesn't mind putting people in their place.

Jaya Bachchan lashes out for bahu too!

A few years back on Subhash Ghai's wife's birthday bash, Jaya Bachchan reprimanded the media for addressing Aishwarya by her name.

Kya Aishwarya Aishwarya bula rahe ho, tumhare class mein padhti thi kya?” (What Aishwarya Aishwarya? Is she your classmate?)," she shouted.

In fact, just recently she was invited as a guest speaker at an event where youngsters got excited to see her and started clicking her pictures.

This irritated the Bachchan matriarch and she gave them an earful.

“Please stop taking pictures. I hate it because it’s right in my eyes. These are basic manners which we Indians have to learn. Just because you have a camera and a mobile, you have the freedom of take anyone’s picture anytime, without asking that person! These are basic educations that all colleges and schools and parents at home should teach their children. It’s very annoying. I have a freedom to say no from being photographed. I am trying to chat here. You are sitting right in front of me, clicking right into my eyes. I hate indiscipline,” she blasted.

Well, one thing is for sure, Jaya Bachchan is a sucker for discipline and doesn't like to do anything out of the ordinary. And in Esha's case, it looked like the right thing to do.

With her outbursts Jaya often proves that no matter what situation, women must speak up and let themselves heard. And that's perhaps what we need to teach our girls as well.

Why you must encourage kids to speak up!

  • It empowers them: Keeping their ideas and thoughts out in the open and discussing them helps them learn new things and empower themselves with better ideas. And you can do that by leading by example and explain why we must respect everybody's life choices.
  • It helps them to uplift others: This is an important life-lessons we must teach our kids. As opposed to taking criticism by somebody as negative, we must take it as constructive feedback and work to better ourselves. And this can only happenw through open discussions.
  • Respect for everybody: We must teach your kids about equality as well as the importance of space and dignity of every individual. This begins from home, therefore, always lead by example and save your kids from falling over to the wrong side of the law.

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