Have you met Internet's new child prodigy, Praniti Praveen Kumar?

Have you met Internet's new child prodigy, Praniti Praveen Kumar?

All of 8, child prodigy Praniti Kumar can give professional singers a run for their money! Read on to know more about this talented young girl.

In recent years, reality shows in India have led to a vast discovery of talents, including kids. Some of these kids stun us that makes us wonder, what were we up to when we were of that age!

Meet child prodigy Praniti Kumar, the one who has stolen everyone's heart recently with her Viral Mash-up Video on Ed Sheeran's Shape of you.

This 8-year-old charmer had started young, at the age of 3 she was a part of AR Rahman's music academy and has won the Sun TV singing competition as well. She also has a long list of achievements at a very young age.

Check her viral video here:

Child prodigy Praniti Kumar

While she is stealing hearts with her singing talent, not many know that Praniti Praveen Kumar is a school topper. She is a simple, straightforward girl and extremely social, say her parents.

"People call her child prodigy. Our responsibility is to identify her expectations, special interests, talents, and continue to encourage her without expecting a benefit out of it," Praniti's parents told theindusparent in an exclusive interview.

Praniti, on the other hand, feels that it is essential to identify your interests. "Learn more about what you are interested in, be obedient to parents, love music and people," she told theindusparent.

Identifying your child's special talent

Child prodigy Praniti Kumar had been very melodious with her nursery rhymes even when she was 2! This brings us to the thought, that any inclination that your child may show, maybe a hint or a sign that needs immediate attention.

Children are quick learners and the early identification and guidance will help them to achieve and grow better. Notice these 5 easily ignored signs, that hints that your child is ready to conquer the world!

  1. Does your child easily repeat what you say or do at a young age? Best time to teach activities, and teach languages.
  2. Does your toddler feel happier while playing than watching TV? Best time to keep them engaged with educational games for their brains to develop more.
  3. Does your toddler dance at any musical beat? Best time to teach them to dance.
  4. Does your toddler insist on going out to get some fresh air? Best time to engage them into outdoor sports.
  5. Does your child run around so much that you wonder sometimes where did they get all that energy from? Best time to enroll them into heavy physical activity like Karate, Kick Boxing etc.

Watch Praniti's video when she was just 3:

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