Is your child having trouble sleeping? Try this one simple tip!

Is your child having trouble sleeping? Try this one simple tip!

A lot of parents find it hard to put their child to sleep especially since there can be a number of reasons why children have trouble sleeping. But, with this one amazing tip, you'll make it easier for your little one to have a good night's rest!

Open a window!

Dutch researchers have found that cracking open a window or opening a door can make it easier for people to get a good night's rest. According to environmental researcher Asit Kumar Mishra, of Eindhoven University of Technology,  "Lower carbon dioxide levels [in the bedroom] implied better sleep depth, sleep efficiency, and lesser number of awakenings."

This means that making sure your child get's a good night's rest is as simple as opening their window in order to let more oxygen circulate inside their room. This would help children who tend to wake up in the middle of the night, or kids who have trouble falling asleep.

That's why it's always a good idea for parents to make sure that their child's room has enough ventilation in order for fresh air to be able to circulate around the room.

What are other good ways to help your child fall asleep?

Aside from cracking open a window, there are also other tips that can help parents make sure that their kids fall asleep, and have a good night's sleep at that.

  1. Letting your child drink some warm milk before going to bed helps them sleep better.
  2. A nice warm bath before bed can help your little one fall asleep faster.
  3. For kids who wet the bed, or for kids who wake up in the middle of the night because they have to pee, make sure to not let them drink liquids at least an hour before bedtime.
  4. Having a daily bedtime routine, and making sure your kids sleep at the same time every day can help them fall asleep faster.


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*Republished with permission from The Asianparent Philippines

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Jan Alwyn

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