Is the Indian mums's obsession with "doodh piyo" a bit too much?

Is the Indian mums's obsession with "doodh piyo" a bit too much?

Do we really need to follow this obsession about drinking milk each day, multiple times?

One of the first things I remember from my childhood is being woken up in the morning by my ma and given a glass of milk to drink after brushing.

How I used to hate it!

I have never been a fan of milk, forget about being a fan, I wasn’t even remotely interested in having milk. And the only reason I had to have three glasses of milk each day was because my ma asked me to. I was told that drinking milk will make me big and strong (oh ya, I remember that line so well!), will make my bones healthy and strong and help me grow tall.


But of late, with so many reports coming in about whether or not it is really important for kids to really have milk each day, or is it okay to go for other alternatives, I was curious to understand whether we really need to follow this obsession about drinking milk each day, multiple times.

It’s not just Indians, but Europeans and Americans like milk too…

milk adulteration

A few days back I was talking to a friend of mine, who said that it is not just Indians, but Europeans and Americans are also fond of and used to taking milk each day, at least in the morning. No surprise then that one of their most common choice of breakfast item is cereal with milk!

  • However, if new studies are to be believed, there is no medical evidence that drinking milk can help to reduce bone fractures, and in fact, it is now being said that drinking milk may in fact increase the risk of obesity.
  • The study shows that while children who drank milk were taller, they were also more overweight and obese than those who did not drink as many glasses of milk each day.

Artificial milk production is to be blamed….

While milk was once definitely a staple and rightfully so in all homes, and children have been encouraged over the years to drink at least two tall glasses of milk a day, there are many factors that are contributing to the recent view that maybe drinking milk may not be so good anymore.

Those who are not in support of drinking milk say that the unnatural ways in which cattle is being reared today produces milk which barely has any of the nutritional content that it is praised for.

Practices such as artificial insemination of cows instead of an actual bull, multiple impregnations, hormonal interference and more such modern practices are to be blamed. Today, a cow in the milk industry produces six or seven times more the amount of milk it produced naturally a century ago.

So how much milk a day is good?

According to a study, drinking 2 cups of milk a day is enough for your child, and in fact, drinking more can actually be harmful.

The health benefits…

While the debate continues, here are some health benefits that milk has for your child, and even for you!

  • Rich source of calcium, so good for your bones and teeth
  • High source of potassium and can prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • Vitamin D can protect from cancer
  • Increases production of serotonin that improves mood and helps with sleep, it also improves appetite
  • High amount of protein and amino acids improves muscle mass

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