Is the 'dad' insane? Watch his unbelievable reaction at 0.13 seconds

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Clearly, sense of humour is a relative term. Watch the 'father of the year's' priceless response as he video tapes his 3-footer son on a bike

Apologies for the spoiler alert, but we found this insane! As you start watching the video, you’ll actually expect to see a proud dad video taping the moment his son learnt to ride a bike. But…

father of the year

The little boy heads STRAIGHT for the tree

Obviously, you were mistaken. Even as the child heads straight towards the tree, probably unaware of the repercussions, instead of lunging on to save him, or even guide him away from crashing, this ‘father of the year’ laughs out loud.

We cringed when we saw the boy his bike right onto the tree in front. Did you?

father of the year

Crash, boom, bang!

Did you just say ‘OUCH’? Yeah, we did too.

Father of the year, is he? Let us know what you think about this funny baby video in the Comment box below.

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