Useful tips: Introducing your baby to solid foods

Useful tips: Introducing your baby to solid foods

Introduce your baby to solid foods after 6 months and here's what you need to know about it.

Ideally you should introduce your baby to solid foods after six months. At this age the babies are developmentally ready to consume solids. Also, at this point they lose extrusion reflux (which helps them breastfeed and suckle on bottle) but can throw out baby cereal.

So you can start initiating solid foods if you notice the following:

  • Your baby's birth weight has doubled
  • Your baby is able to sit up straight
  • Your baby is grabbing your food off the plate and trying to eat it
  • Your baby is able to retain food in his mouth

If you notice these developmental signs in your baby, then it's the right time to introduce him to solids. You can introduce various simple Indian recipes such as soups, mashed fruits and sooji among others.

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Take a look at this video for better understanding:

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