Internet tips and tricks to try out, NOW!

Internet tips and tricks to try out, NOW!

Netiquettes are important. We bring to you few tips that will help you instill these in your young ones!


The exam season is over, the burden of textbooks gone, yes, summer vacations are here! So once the initial screaming and running around the corridors are done with, yes...the lullaby of the summer sings sweetly into your child’s ears! This is the time for every parent to play the pivotal role in maintaining the balance between online and offline activities of their child.

While summer serves as a good time to teach your kids some of the most valuable lessons when it comes to interacting with the other kids on the playground, this would also be an awesome time to share simple Internet tips and tricks! Be it simply using the right grammar or acknowledging the other person when online, these little things can go a long way for our child in this digitised world.

Below are some things that every parent should make a push for this summer:

  • Be kind: Though the Internet seems to put a great amount of distance between two people, it does not imply that one has the right to hurt another person’s feelings. Hurtful words as well as mean comments are not appreciated in the online world either.

    The Internet has given a rise to cyber-bullies and children are the biggest victims. Therefore, the kids should be taught to be sensitive towards another child’s emotions as well as catching subtle signs incase the other is in distress and informing a guardian or parent about the same.
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  • Use appropriate language: Our words and images create strong and lasting impression of our online personalities. It is therefore essential that kids should learn early on to use their words carefully and not say anything that is inappropriate to the online community.

    There is no space for rude language and it is always better to keep an eye out for proper grammar and spelling...don’t want the slang featuring in the school work right?
  • Respect another person’s privacy: Social networks are a great platform to engage, interact and appreciate other people and their work, but this does not mean that kids need to know each and every detail of their friend’s lives.

    Moreover, kids should learn not to share information that they have been entrusted with by others, one of the most important Internet tips and tricks. The lesson in respecting privacy goes a long way in the offline world as well and this can also help those around them to gain confidence on their responsible usage.
  • Don’t give out too much information: Yes, they need to know that there are strangers lurking in the dark and not everyone can be a friend. A stranger in the park giving out candy is not someone we want to know. In the same way, every friend request shared is not something that we want to accept no matter how friendly they may seem on the outside.

    As parents, we should not assume that our kids will adapt to the ‘stranger danger’ theory on the Internet as well as the distance can give them a false sense of security. Furthermore, they need to understand social networks are not a platform to give a constant update about their whereabouts and share images of who they are with. These small things go a long way in ensuring safety for your child online.
  • The other little things: Doesn’t it annoy you when someone sends an email without a subject line? Or never acknowledges the receipt of your email? Yes, we have all been there, and in this increasingly digitised world, such little things matter as well.

    With instant messaging applications becoming so convenient to use, spam and junk information or emails are also on the rise. Your kids should be guided into understanding that they shouldn’t play part to scam and information that can pose as a threat to the systems that they are using.

A guided approach depending on the age and understanding of your child will ensure good net habits for life. Spending time with your child and walking them through net habits will ensure that they are able to grasp these easily.

Take the lead, and by example your own net habits will prove to be the best way of learning for your child this summer, be it in the online world, or in the offline world.

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