International Day of Happiness: 5 simple activities to bring a smile on your child's face!

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Here are 5 super happy activities you can do with your kids on International Day of Happiness which will bring a big smile on their faces!

The United Nations General Assembly unanimously voted to declare March 20 as “Happiness Day” in 2012. It will be the 4th International Day of Happiness on Sunday, March 20th, 2016. This is a day for people all over the world to celebrate happiness.

International Day of Happiness is also an chance for people to remember to find happiness in their day and also to bring happiness into the day of others. Happiness produces positive psychological emotions in the minds of the people. 

Kids bring in a bundle of joy and happiness into the lives of the parents. So who better than your kids to celebrate the International Day of Happiness!

Here are 5 super happy activities you can do with your kids on International Day of Happiness which will bring a big smile on their faces!

#1 Party with your kids

Set up a super cute kiddie party theme for your family and also invite a bunch of family friends over. This will lighten up the mood and will be the most fun way to celebrate the International Happiness Day. Kids surely do enjoy parties with their families and friends! 

#2 Go to the mall

Spend a day out with your kids. Take them to their favorite mall and enjoy a day full of play activities with your little ones. From video games to trampoline jumping, you can do it all with your kids when at a mall. You’re surely getting extra brownie points from your little ones after this enjoyable day out.

#3 Indulge in their favorite activity with them

Do your kids love to color, sing or dance? Whatever their hobby may be, indulge in these activities with them. After all they don’t get to do this with you everyday. Do what they love the most and happiness will be in the air always!

#4 Treat their taste buds

Happiness means food for many and especially for kids. Treat their taste buds with yummy food. Indulge in french fries, desserts or ice cream. One day of junk eating will be a good break from their daily healthy food routine. Bring a smile on their face by visiting their favorite eating joints

#5 Hit the beach

Isn’t this the best day to hit the beach? Take your kids to the beach and make super fun sand castles with them. Play with them in the sand and water. These activities will surely bring immense happiness to your kids.

If you live in a land-locked place, take your kids to a place that has a sand play area and let them have fun! Make the most of the International Day of Happiness by planning a super fun beach trip. 

Make the most of this International Day of Happiness by celebrating it with your kids and family!

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