Good news! Inter-caste and inter-religion marriages rise by 300% in Bengaluru

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The Special Marriages Act 1954 that consents inter-caste and inter-religious marriages notices a 306 percent spurt in Bengaluru

If you have been an advocate of inter cultural and inter-religion marriages, this news will simply make your day.

The city of Bengaluru, is currently witnessing a 300 percent rise in inter-caste and inter-religious marriages. In a data released by the department of stamps and registrations, about 2,624 marriages were registered in 2013-14 under the Special Marriages Act.

But this number jumped to 10,655 in the subsequent year. In 2015-16 (till January), the number had touched 8,391. This is a 306 percent increase from 2013-14 to 2014-15.

"Nowadays, many marriages are inter-religious and inter-caste, and mostly beyond the purview of religion-based marriage laws. The Special Marriages Act provides an opportunity to marry as per the Constitution. There are an increasing number of people belonging to different religions marrying under the Special Marriages Act," explained a department official.

This news has not only made the recently married happy, but has also paved way for new inter-cultural marriages to take place.

The daily quotes Rohan Menezes and his wife Tania. Even though both are Christians by birth, they opted to register their marriage under this act.

"I am an atheist and when we were engaged, one of the first things I told her was the marriage should be a registered one," said Menezes. He works as an executive at a digital marketing firm.

"When I researched the marriage laws, I came across Special Marriages Act and found the process was not complicated. So we went ahead," Rohan added.

5 things you should know about Special Marriages Act

The Special Marriages Act 1954 basically allows individuals the consent of marriage. This is irrespective of their religion or faith. But here are a few things you must definitely know about this act.

  • Scope of this act: It allows inter-caste and inter-religious marriages
  • Application of the act: This acts applies to Indians living in India and abroad. It also covers marriages among Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains and Buddhists. Interestingly, it applies to every state, except the state of Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Requirements of the act: The boy and the girl have to file a notice expressing their intention to marry each other. This is to be done with the Marriage Registrar of the district. And, at least one of the parties should have resided in the district 30 days prior to the notice submission.
  • Succession of property: The succession of property owned by either- the man or the woman, and its subsequent passing to the child will be governed by the Indian Succession Act. This is similar to any marriage act.
  • Legitimacy of kids: This marriage age, similar to other marriage acts accepts legitimacy of kids born to a couple of different caste of community. That is, if they have married under the Special Marriages Act

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