How your unresolved emotions after divorce can affect your child?

How your unresolved emotions after divorce can affect your child?

Single mum and media professional, Priyanka Sehgal explains the negative impact that your unresolved emotions after a divorce can have on your child's upbringing.

Single mum Priyanka Sehgal is on top of her game and has a successful career in media. But she has had to walk a difficult road in her personal life. Here’s one of the inspirational stories of single mothers, that urges everyone to keep your little one away from all the negativity coming from uncoupling. Take a look.

Priyanka shares that one of the best things that came out of her marriage is her son. Here’s more about her struggle as a single mum.

Inspirational stories of single mothers: Priyanka Sehgal in conversation with Meghna Pant

Single mum Priyanka shares that children are resilient. Their life is constantly changing and evolving. So it is quite natural for them to adapt to the situations in their life. But unfortunately parents don’t think of it that way. Their own emotions are unresolved. And they bring these negative feelings into child rearing. 

inspirational stories of single mothers

Priyanka Sehgal, single mum and media professional

She also explains that your own likes and dislikes about your ex-partner should not interfere with your child’s upbringing. A child needs both, mother and the father. So, no parent should ever stop their little one from meeting the other parent. She shares that what did not work out between two adults should not be imposed on your child. But at the same time, she says that these days parents are unfairly deprived of parenting. 

Depriving the other parent in such manner has an effect on the child according to her. She says that in a way you are teaching your child to hate someone who’s supposed to be close to them. And that’s unfair. Further, she takes a leaf from her own life and explains how she encouraged her son to meet his father. 

Watch the full episode for the complete conversation. For more inspirational stories of single mothers, fathers, and couples, watch Season 2 of Nine Months.

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