The influence of your nanny can be healthy for your kid, proves Ziva Dhoni!

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Hiring a nanny for their two-year-old daughter Ziva has clearly worked wonders for new parents Sakshi and MS Dhoni. Read on to know how.

Over the past few months, cricketer MS Dhoni's adorable daughter Ziva has been taking the Internet by storm- one talent at a time. If it wasn't for her modelling, it was her cute interactions with her famous dad.

But one that has caught everybody's attention is her talent for singing Malayalam songs; a language nobody in her family can understand. In her first video, she sang the popular song 'Ambala Puzhe.'

And, now the talented young singer has renditioned another song called 'Kani Kanum Neram Kamalanethrante,' a Malayalam devotional song.

Ziva learns a new language!

It's reportedly from the 1964 film Omanakuttan, and is popularly sung during the festival dedicated to Lord Vishu.

Seemingly unwell, the two-year-old continued to sing and most comments on her video suggest that her pronunciation was spot on.

Some happy Malayalees even went on to write: "She is the cutest, n most efficient brand ambassador we Malayalees have ever got! Love you angel!" While other went to compliment her on her enunciation skills. "Malayalam is infact one of the toughest languages....yet she is doing splendid....Amazingly cute and brilliant," wrote another.

A positive influence of nanny on Ziva

So how is Ziva singing these Malayam songs when nobody in her family understands or speaks the language? Well, you may already guessed by now, but if you haven't- it's because of her Keralite nanny.

The unverified Instagram page had earlier shared Ziva singing a cute Malayalam sing. Along with the video, the moderator also shared that it was Ziva's nanny who was teaching her devotional songs.

"Song taught by “Sheila Aunty”(her Nanny from Kerala)," the post read.

With these cute videos, one thing is clear: having a nanny or help can not only be a blessing for a new mum, but also for the kids. And, Ziva Dhoni has proved just that.

5 reasons having a nanny is healthy for your kids

In fact, if you are also considering at-home care for your baby, here's why you must work to make that happen.

  • Individual attention: If you place your kid in a daycare or a creche, you know that he/she may not get undivided attention. But a nanny at-home can provide that individual attention to your baby. She can ensure your kid gets plenty of personalised attention and care.
  • Closer bonding: At a creche or a daycare, your kid may not get the attachment or love they deserve. However, with a nanny that is easier. At-home caregivers can form a closer bond and develop a trust easily with the kids who they look after all day.
  • Low stress and familiar setting: For most new urban parents, leaving a child at day care means readying them early morning and going through heavy city traffic. By the time they reach the day care they already feel tired. Similarly, the same process takes place when you bring your kid back. However, at the comfort of your own home, the setting is familiar and the kid is not unnecessarily stressed.
  • Education and language: When you leave your kid at a daycare, you cannot control what they teach your kid. But at-home you are in control of what your kid can learn. For instance, in Ziva's case, Sakshi is well aware that her nanny is teaching her Malayalam devotional songs and she has clearly given Shiela aunty a free hand with it.
  • Complete child care: A nanny is not just responsible for food, clothing and activities of your kid, but also of their health. And while they give their undivided attention to them, especially when they may be unwell. same cannot be checked in a day care.

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