What are the important infant development stages?

What are the important infant development stages?

Watch full video to know more about how your first feed rich in antibodies, that is colostrum is crucial in building your baby's immunity.

By the time your little one enters infanthood, most new parents also seem to settle into their roles as mums and dads. You are perhaps more at ease with this gorgeous addition to your family, as well as the responsibility the baby brings along. And it’s only natural for you to start focusing on various infant development stages by month.

Experts Dr Nihar Parikh and child dietician Bina Chheda talk about some important infant development stages by month on this episode of Nine Months Season 2. Take a look.

Infant development stages by month: Importance of breastfeeding

Mum, we can repeat this umpteen times that till the age of six months you should exclusively breastfeed your baby. It is that crucial for your little love’s health. Even the experts reiterate the importance of breastfeeding.

WHO recommends breastfeeding upto the age of two years. In some cases it is continued even beyond this age, but child dietician Bina Chheda points out that it is not necessary. In fact, it can lead to an unwanted latching on, which is not advisable.

infant development stages by month

New mum and anchor, Meghna Pant, talks to experts about infant development stages by month | Screencapped from First Post Facebook Page

Furthermore, Dr Nihar Parikh also shares that breastfeeding beyond the age of two years can mean sleepless nights for mothers because it can become addictive. Paediatricians recommend that you can start weaning your babies at the age of five and half or six months. And the breastfeeding can continue upto the age of one and half to two years. But they suggest that the midnight feeds be stopped after the age of one or one and half years.

This is mainly because midnight feeds by this age can start affecting your baby’s appetite during the day. Feeding in the night can make your baby full the next day. As a result they may not eat solids and the nutrition that they now require through food doesn’t come.

Watch full episode to get more insights on:

  • Does your baby require additional water?
  • Is it essential that you use water purifiers?
  • How you can deal with respiratory ailments in babies?
  • How to care for your little one with changing seasons?
  • What role does breastfeeding have in building your baby’s immunity?
  • What are the hygiene principles that you can follow?
  • How to deal with sleep regression?
  • What to do when your baby starts teething?

Mums, there you have it all from the experts about the infant development stages by month. Remember, there’s no right way or wrong way, but just your way. And it’s important that you trust it. 

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