This Kolkata-based mum is India's first woman to own and drive a Lamborghini

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This 40-year-old homemaker literally vrooms through the busy streets of Kolkata turning heads and leaving people amazed with her driving skills

It is not everyday that you see a golden Lamborghini Huracan on the busy streets of India. And, it is even more unlikely that you will see a woman behind its wheels.

So when people see Sheetal Dugar, 40, a petite, soft-spoken homemaker vrooming through SP Mukherjee Road in Kolkata, heads turn and people give a second look out of sheer amazement.

Dugar, however, has already gotten accustomed to her own self amidst all the chaos. She's the first Indian woman to own a Lamborghini Huracan and reportedly the only woman who participates in Club GT's--the Sunday morning super car race-offs on the NH2.

Give her natural panache for driving the car, she has won many of these races.

"They made me cut the cake on Club GT's anniversary party," she told India Today, who first covered her inspiring story.

Her eldest daughter, Yashaswi Dugar, 18, who was also a part of the interview said, "She always wins the races. But there are many other women and wives of competitors, who come to the event but no one participates. Some of the other gentlemen promise to beat her at the next race, but she's the fastest."

Apart from Yashaswai, Dugar has two other daughters, Manaswi, 11, and Suhasini 8.

This is how she began

Dugar married her love, industrialist Vinod Dugar, at the age of 19; and didn't even know how to drive at the time. It was only an year after her marriage that Dugar, at the age of 20, learnt how to drive.

"I learnt it just because I thought it was a valuable life skill to have. I didn't like being dependent on drivers," she is quoted as saying.

Continue reading to know how she got the idea to buy and drive this super luxurious and super fast car.

She reminisces that the only time she was perhaps required to drive was when her daughter overslept and missed their school bus. "There have been times when I have reached the school in less than seven minutes covering the distance from Park Street to Heritage School," she added. This meant, driving around at roughly 14 km at 120 kmph.

But it was a holiday in Dubai in 2014 that changed everything for this Huracan mum.

That holiday in Dubai

During her holiday to this exotic location, Dugar tried her hand at quad bikes. She would drive it around and on sand dunes effortlessly.

"It came easily to her. She made it look so effortless. We thought it must be quite easy until we saw another lady turn turtle trying to drive one," says the eldest daughter in the article.

This incident became a revelation for her husband who became more confident of her skill. "I think after that he was convinced that he could let me drive these cars. Even I felt more confident," she said.

After she tried her hand at the Porsches, Mercedes and the Lamborghini Gallardo that they owned before the Huracan, she was convinced that she could compete as a driver.

But when the reporter asked Dugar what it felt like to own a 5.2L V10 engine thrumming under her hands, she said, "It feels like flying. It's not about speed or rash driving for me. It's just about living life to the fullest."

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(News & Image courtesy: India Today)

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