Indian women more likely to suffer miscarriages: Study

Indian women more likely to suffer miscarriages: Study

Spontaneous miscarriage among Indian women is higher as compared to their global counterparts

Indian women are more likely to have miscarriages as compared to those of other ethnicities, reports The Times Of India, quoting the findings of a study published by a Mumbai doctor.

The study which collates findings from five cities was published in The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology of India. Of the 2,400 women who participated in the study, 32 percent had suffered spontaneous miscarriage. Globally, this figure is presumed to stand at 10 percent.

The main finding of the study was that recurrent spontaneous miscarriage among Indian women was as high as 7.46 percent, the  study's lead author Dr Ameet Patki was quoted as saying. Worldwide, only 0.8-1.4 percent pregnancies resulted in miscarriages.

India’s poor show on the pregnancy report card can be attributed to a history of infections in women’s uterus, the report quotes Dr Patki as saying.

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Avinash Iyer

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