Chilling short-film on child sexual abuse goes viral

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Watch this chilling short-film on child sexual abuse that has taken over the social media

The prevalence of child sexual abuse can be extremely difficult to determine, especially because most cases are not even reported. As a result, many offenders go scot-free due to lack of evidence or unwillingness of families to report the crime.

In 2014, National Crime Records Bureau recorded almost 13,766 cases of child rape; 11,335 cases of ‘assault on girl child with intent to outrage her modesty;’ 4,593 cases of sexual harassment; 711 cases of ‘assault or use of criminal force on girl child with intent to disrobe;’ 88 cases of voyeurism and 1,091 cases of stalking.

As a result of these shocking figures, many people have taken it upon themselves to spread more awareness about this growing crime. One such person is Tanuj Khosla.

A portfolio manager at a hedge fund in Singapore, Khosla collaborated with Mumbai-based, Ashima Theatre Group in November, to create (Khosla is the writer and Ashima Theatre Group is the creator) a short-film titled Enough Secrets. It was released in December and sensitively deals with the issue of child sexual abuse and gives you a glimpse of the plight of young children who are oblivious to the abuse they are often subjected to.

Take a look at the short-film:

theIndusparent spoke to Khosla about his film and to understand why the issue of child sexual abuse should be discussed more often global across societies.

Q: Why did you choose child sexual abuse as a topic for your short film?

A: India is home to the largest number of sexually abused children in the world and yet the problem has been veiled by a culture of secrecy and denial. Forget addressing the issue, most people including those from educated middle class don't even acknowledge it. Apathy by the government hasn't made things any easier.

We wanted to create more awareness about this issue that has reached epidemic proportions in our country.

In my view, this is the worst possible thing a human being can do to another. If I have my way, I would publicly dismember the perpetrator and leave him or her to die a slow and painful death. The one moment of pleasure that their sick minds gets form such heinous acts can scar and ruin the entire life of an innocent child.

Q: Why is it important to spread a message about it?

A: It is important to talk about it because a substantial number of abusers are people known to the victim. This includes parents, relatives, domestic helps and schoolteachers. Consequently, most cases go unreported, as either the parents never come to know about it even though it is happening right under their noses, or they stay silent due to an irrational fear of social stigma. They need to keep an eye out for signs of child sexual abuse through their kid's behavior and demeanor.

Q: What is your message through this film?

A: Child sexual abuse happens more often than we choose to acknowledge. We need to be alert to the same. It is high time we stop deluding ourselves and take action to save our kids.

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