Indian parents are undoubtedly the most generous in the world, says report

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The HSBC's Value of Education Report proves that when it comes to their kids' education and academic growth, Indian parents are the most generous

Despite several news pieces that reflect the insensitivity of the society, you'd be surprised and perhaps even happy to know that Indian parents are the most generous.

In fact, a recent study by the Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) claims that Indians are the most generous and helpful when it comes to "helping strangers, and volunteering time and money."

It states that India's position in being globally generous has reportedly jumped to 91 in 2015. It was positioned at 106 in 2014. The report also states that in India, a whopping 401 million citizens helped strangers last year.

But the best news was about Indian parents.

World's best parents: Indians

The HSBC's Value of Education Report states that when it comes to their kids' education and academic growth, Indian parents are the most generous. They go to any length and help in any way possible, to see their kids succeed, academically and professionally.

This study also brought to light many interesting things about Indian parents and what makes them different from parents in other countries.

  • 91 percent Indian parents consider an undergraduate degree a necessity, while 88 percent consider a post graduate a necessity
  • 71 percent Indian parents do not mind taking a debt to fund their child's education or pay for private tuition
  • While 77 percent parents in the UK prefer their kids' happiness over academic/professional success, only 49 percent Indians feel the same way
  • 77 percent Indian parents want their kids to study engineering, medicine, business, management, computer and Information sciences and law
  • 58 percent Indian parents feel US is the best destination for higher studies

As a consequence to this thinking, 88 percent of Indian kids prefer to go for higher studies (read post graduation) abroad.

The two reports are proof that apart from being generous, Indian parents also hold academics in high regard, often wanting and pushing their kids to succeed professionally. And by setting an example of generosity and dedication, they are able to inspire kids to be better.

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But there are 5 other reasons why generous parents are perfect role models for their kids and why every parent must aspire to be the same.

5 things generous parents can unknowingly teach their kids

  • Model generosity: When parents themselves are generous, they unknowingly become role models for their kids. They lead by example and do good whenever they can, and this inspires their kids to follow suit.
  • Talk about being generous: When you talk about helping those in need, whether intentionally or otherwise, you instill a desire to help others in your own kids.
  • Facilitate generosity: By allowing your child to participate in activities to help others, you facilitate generosity for them. This not only means helping others in person in cash or kid. You can even inspire your kids to save for others by creating small boxes where they can save.


  • Sponsor a child: Even if you have kids of your own, you can set a great example of generosity by sponsoring a child's education or food or amenities. If in your own small way you decide to help others, you can inspire your kids to do the same.
  • Be 'giving' together: Make it a pact to help out together. Take your kid along to help and lend a hand with causes that are close to your heart can greatly impact their mind and inspire them to follow suit on their own.

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