Indian mothers think that father's involvement is important to raise healthy kids

Indian mothers think that father's involvement is important to raise healthy kids

Surprisingly, almost 88 percent fathers felt that baby's chores only require the mother's involvement and not theirs

It is often said that it takes two to maintain balance in a relationship, whether it is in marriage or raising kids. Yes, that's correct. This is what most Indian mothers feel when they were asked about the most important thing to raise happy and healthy children.

In a survey that was conducted by Pampers in association with AC Nielsen, 216 mothers from four metropolitan cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata were survey. They unanimously revealed that the involvement of mother and father were both essential in the cognitive development of a child and raising him to be happy and healthy.

The survey highlighted- "how the involvement of both the mother and the father is extremely crucial for the cognitive, social as well as the emotional development of the baby."

Fathers must be involved, say Indian mums

The survey made some very interesting revelations about the result of involvement of fathers and what Indian mothers thought about the same:

  • 97 percent mothers believed that it does take two people to raise confident and healthy kids
  • 90 percent said that they wanted their husbands to be a bit more involved in taking care of the baby
  • 88 percent mothers revealed that fathers hesitated to change their baby's diapers


Child-rearing mostly mum's work, say Indian men

When similar questions were posed to men, almost 88 percent of them that they felt that a baby's chore only requires the mother's involvement and not theirs. Shockingly, this comes from a surveyed audience of learned, educated and urban men, most of whose wives are perhaps working women.

"The survey brings forth the fact that a happy, healthy baby needs active participation from both mom and dad, right from Day one. Paediatricians and child psychologists also agree that involvement of the mother as well as the father towards baby care has a direct correlation towards better cognitive and social development of the baby," said a P&G spokesperson.

He added that this survey takes a deeper look at how men think and what new mothers woman expect new fathers. "The results thus pose a very interesting question to all the young parents out there, If #ItTakes2 to make a baby, shouldn’t It Take 2 to raise a baby?” he said.

It indeed, does. There are many things that new fathers must help new mothers with, and it is not just for the baby, but also for their wives, who are as new to parenting as they are.

3 ways new dads can help new mums

  • Being present: Yes, that's correct. Just as you are getting to know your baby, your wife is also learning the ropes, so be present with her during the feeds. Help her change the diapers and take care of the baby and try to learn the basics. None of you can do it alone, so do it together.
  • Share your feelings: Your wife maybe going through a whole range of emotions and perhaps even sharing it with you, so it's best to give her a listen. But also to make sure that you share yours as well. This way both of you will know what each other is going through and be a helping hand.
  • Focus on each other: It's good to focus on each other once in a while, go out on date nights and take a break with each other. Hire a nanny or ask your family to pitch in while the two of you go out.

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