Just in: Indian mother gives birth to quintuplets within 30 minutes!

Just in: Indian mother gives birth to quintuplets within 30 minutes!

A Chhattisgarh woman delivered not one, but five babies in a matter of 30 minutes. Read on to know more about her story and ways to identify premature labour

In what can only be called a miracle, a Chhattisgarh woman was reportedly taken to the hospital hoping to deliver a premature baby. But what happened within the next 30 minutes amazed even the doctors. She delivered not one, but quintuplets (five) within a period of 30 minutes!

The doctors who were looking after Manita Singh, spoke to a leading daily, and revealed another shocker. Singh delivered her five babies normally but in her 26th week. Incidentally, the couple did not suspect multiple births and were hoping for just one child.

In his interview with the daily, Dr NP Pandey, chief superintendent of Ambikapur district hospital said, "Our gynaecologist's observation says that the babies are premature and were born between six to seven months of pregnancy. They all have very low birth weight (LBW) and the survival of such LBW children in the best of hospitals is abysmally low."

Her labour story

Singh gave birth to her first girl at about 10:00 am on Saturday (April 2), and followed up with the births of four more girls in quick succession. However, unfortunately, the babies are born with shockingly low birth weight, with the heaviest sister weighing about 1.5 kg.

The doctors mentioned to the daily that it is for the first time that such low birth weight babies have been delivered in India. It was also reported that the doctors were keeping an eye on the babies and have been kept in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the hospital.

Quintuplets break the Internet

As soon as the news of their birth broke out, netizens went into a tizzy sharing the news online. In fact, Globalnews tweeted about the birth and titled their post, "Indian mother expecting one baby gives birth to FIVE healthy daughters."

It was also reported that the father of the girls, Mahesh, was elated when enquired about their birth. Recalling the loss of his first baby two years back, he feels that "God has compensated for the loss."

He added, "I am extremely grateful to God for blessing us with not one but five children... I only hope that they all survive and I can given them a wonderful life.”

Symptoms of preterm labour

Although there are no sure shot ways to stop preterm labour, all you can do is be prepared for what's to come in case you go into preterm labour. Here are some common symptoms of preterm labour:

  • Regular or frequent contractions including tightening of the abdomen
  • An uncomfortable pelvic or lower abdominal pressure
  • A constant low and dull backache
  • Vaginal bleeding or unusual spotting
  • Visible change in vaginal discharge
  • Mild cramps or diarrhea
  • Your water might also break and a gush of watery discharge would ooze out of your vagina

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