Good news! Indian couple become parents of Britain's first 2017 baby

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Bharti Devi, 35, and Ashwani Kumar, 26, became proud parents of a baby girl on January 1, at 12.01 am

Congratulations are in order for this young couple based in the United Kingdom! They became the first Indian couple to give birth to the 2017 baby in the Island city. Yes, you read that right.

Bharti Devi, 35, and Ashwani Kumar, 26, who are from Handsworth in Birmingham, reportedly became proud parents of a baby girl on January 1, at 12.01 am. The couple named their daughter, Ellina Kumari.

While technically, Ellina would be counted as a British citizen, given her place of birth, she remains to be of Indian origin and descent. The news brought in much joy to the couple who are already parents a two-year-old boy.

In fact, they even sent out a statement expressing their happiness at the newest addition to their family.


Image courtesy: News Team International | Ashwani and Bharti with baby Ellina and their two-year-old son

“She is doing well and is healthy,” shared the second-time mum from her hospital bed. Kumari also shared that she was due in 2016, but was not in labour.

“I was five days overdue so we expected her to be born in 2016 but the longer the labour went on I thought it might go into 2017,” she shared with the media.

First British 2017 baby!

The mum-of-two also spoke about the milestone her daughter has managed to create.

“It is really exciting to think she is the first baby born in Britain in 2017, it is definitely something special to tell her when she is grown up,” said the homemaker. Her husband who was equally elated works as a sales assistant in Handsworth and also expressed his happiness at becoming a father for the second time.

“I am an extremely proud dad… it is incredible to think she is the first baby of the whole year. New Year will be extra special from now on,” he reportedly shared. While the couple rejoice at the birth of their ‘2017 baby,’ they will also be extra careful given the dipping temperatures, something that parents of all winter babies do.

5 ways to care for a winter baby

Winter can be a harsh season for babies, but it can be made comfortable for them, if they are taken  care of properly and clothed according to the dipping temperatures.

We spoke to Mahalakshmi K, National HR Manager, from Teddy Baby Buddy Panel, who shared some handy tips on the same:

  • Carry warm clothes: Don’t forget to carry woollen garments and ensure that your infant is has his full protection gears from monkey caps, socks and tiny cute hand gloves.

  • Comfortable clothing: It is very important that you dress your kid in easy and comfortable clothes. You can adorn them with cute cardigans and jacket but ensure that you keep it simple and preferably soft and silky. Take extra care that infants’ routine is not disturbed if you are planning to go out for a day or two.

2017 baby

Image courtesy: Pixabay. For representational purposes only

  • Winter cream and baby lotion: During winters, the skin becomes dry and itchy. You should carry a good winter cream and moisture to protect yourself from cold. Also carry a good baby lotion for your baby as their skin is delicate and can get dry fast. Buy a cream with high SPF content, so that it protects the baby‘ skin from harmful UV rays, as you generally like to soak in winter sun.

  • Carry basic first-aid: Have a small first-aid kit handy/in your bag during the season. First-aid kit should contain all necessary ointments, antiseptics, band-aid and most important a good thermometer.

  • Keep them hydrated: Winter season can be quite harsh on the baby’s skin, just as it is on yours. So if your baby is old enough, make sure to keep him/her hydrated with water or milk at all times. Also make sure to keep his/her stomach full and satiated, because a baby can feel colder on an empty stomach.

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