7 incredible benefits of Ajwain seeds that you must know now!

7 incredible benefits of Ajwain seeds that you must know now!

These magical seeds can be useful in getting rid of everyday health issues and have more health benefits that you can ever imagine

I still remember my mother giving me a teaspoon of ajwain seeds whenever I used to have a vomiting bout when I was a kid, or later during my life when I started getting bad menstrual cramps.

And, if you happen to be an Indian mum, you perhaps know by now the numerous ways in which ajwain can boost your health after your pregnancy. I myself had ajwain water for two months after I delivered my daughter.

And the benefits do not end there. Later on whenever my daughter had a congested nose or bad cold, my mother would ask me to keep a small potli of roasted ajwain seeds next to her pillow as these magical seeds are excellent to relieve a congested nose.

In winters, she would ask me to heat a handful of ajwain seeds in a cup of mustard oil and massage my daughter with it as the magical potion helped keep cold, congestion and other winter viral ailments at bay.

Looks like these magical seeds can be useful in getting rid of everyday health issues and have more health benefits that you can ever imagine. Here are 7 benefits of ajwain seeds that you must know of:

#1 Soothe indigestion and flatulence

Ajwain seeds contain thymol, a chemical compound that helps in the secretion of gastric juices that improve digestion and treat digestive disorders such as indigestion and flatulence. They are particularly beneficial in treating nausea, digestion problems and flatulence in colicky babies.

Adults can chew a teaspoon of ajwain seeds whenever they have digestive complaints. Make sure to suck on the juice to reap more benefits.

For kids and babies, it is advised to give a teaspoon or more of ajwain water every couple of hours to treat colic pain and indigestion. Boil one tablespoon of ajwain seeds in a bottle of water and let the water reduce to half. Strain and give 2-3 teaspoons to your baby every three to four hours.

 #2 Relieve congestion and colds

Thymol in ajwain seeds is loaded with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that can be useful in relieving congestion and cold.

ajwain during pregnancy

Take a mortar and pestle and crush a few roasted ajwain seeds. Mix it with a little gud/jaggery and have the mixture thrice every day.

You can also tie a teaspoon of ajwain seeds in a cloth like a potli and heat it over a hot pan. Keep it near your baby’s pillow to relieve a blocked nose. Inhaling of its grind seed is also beneficial in case of headache and migraine due to blocked sinuses.

#3 Help regulate periods

Ajwain seeds can be extremely beneficial for women with irregular periods and those who bleed excessively during it. Soak 2 teaspoons of ajwain seeds in a bowl of water and have that water every morning to say bye-bye to all your period woes.

Read more about benefits of ajwain seeds on the next page!

#4 Boost heart health

Ajwain seeds contain niacin and thymol, two essential compounds that have anti-inflammatory and other benefits that boost the health of your heart. Its magical properties also helps stimulates nerve impulses and improves blood circulation in the heart.

Have a glass of ajwain water every day first thing in the morning to say good-bye to heart disease.

#5 Act as a natural anta-acid

The digestive properties of ajwain seeds come handy in treating acidity. Thymol in ajwain seeds helps release the stomach which aid digestion, which prevents heartburn caused by acidity.

For relief from acidity you can mix a teaspoon each of ajwain and jeera seeds in half a litre water and boil. Have this water when cool to find instant relief from acidity.

#6 Effective in treating pain due to arthritis

As mentioned above, Ajwain seeds have anti-inflammatory and anaesthetic properties that also help ease pain stemming from arthritis. It helps soothe inflammation and also reduce itching, redness and pain caused due to inflammatory skin diseases.

Crush a handful of ajwain seeds in enough water to make a paste and apply it on the affect area twice daily.

#7 Excellent for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

These wonder seeds have excellent curative properties which offer great health benefits, particularly for pregnant women. Hormones and a growing uterus slows down digestion during pregnancy, giving rise to gas, flatulence and bloating.

Ajwain seeds possess thymol, which is said to enhance the activity of digestive enzymes and improve gut health. This speeds up the digestive process and provides relief from these conditions. Read more about the benefits of ajwain during pregnancy in this article.

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