7 important things every child needs to hear

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Kids take everything their parents say to heart and so it's important for parents to choose their words wisely

Kids take everything their parents say to heart and so it's important for parents to choose their words wisely.

But more than just showering them with compliments, the important things they need to hear are words which teach them to trust themselves and to trust their parents' love for them.

What we think are small things can have a lasting impact on their young lives.

1. "I love you!"

Of course we do love our kids and they should feel this in everything we do for them. But verbalizing the sentiment is so important as it affirms their security as they grow up.

2. "I'm proud of you!"

More than commending their accomplishments, saying this tells them you value them as individuals. Kids, more than anything, long for their parents approval.

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3. "I'm sorry"

Showing them that you know how to accept your mistakes not only makes them feel valued, it teaches them the value of humility.

4. "I forgive you"

Hearing this will help them learn to accept that they will make mistakes and that even when they do, their parents will love them unconditionally.

5. "I'm listening to you"

Kids need to truly feel your attention and affirming that you are, in fact, listening to them by actually saying it assures them of this.

6. "This is your responsibility"

Saying this shows that you trust them. In this way, they will also gain the ability to trust themselves.

7. "You can do this"

Knowing that their parents are rooting for them in a world where, even early on, nothing is certain can give them the strength to face the challenges that come with growing up and it gives them security and certainty in  this fast-changing world.

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