How important is oral sex for married women?

How important is oral sex for married women?

Can a lack of oral sex have negative effects on a marriage? Let's find out what some moms had to say

In becoming intimate with your spouse, there must always be an effort to keep things exciting. This doesn’t mean being sexually adventurous at all times. It often means just being generous, putting their pleasure above your own.

We stumbled upon an interesting poll on the Q&A app and parenting community, theAsianparent Community and found that 36.36% of mom respondents wishes their husband would give them oral sex more often. 22.73% shared they are satisfied with the amount of oral sex they’re getting. While 40.91% refused to answer, saying it’s not anyone’s business. Fair enough. But it’s still worth exploring just how vital oral sex is in the intimate life of married couples.

How important is oral sex for married women?

Oral sex, or fellatio or cunnilingus, is when your partner sexually stimulates your private parts using their mouth and tongue. For women receiving oral sex, orgasm happens when their clitoris is stimulated in the right way. The clitoris is a part of a woman’s anatomy designed for pleasure alone. It has about 4,000 nerve endings, making it highly sensitive and powerful.

According to YourTango, some women find oral sex even more intimate than intercourse or penetration.

While some women don’t enjoy oral sex, others derive pleasure from it. One anonymous theAsianparent Community user even shared that oral sex is the surest way for her to orgasm.

It’s an intimate act that requires full trust and surrender, some women in this Bustle article have revealed. When done right, it can cause them to climax without the need for penetration. If their husband needs some instruction, it’s fine, too. As the act of communication makes way for intimacy. It also helps build a woman’s confidence, to see her husband devoted to pleasing her.

How important is oral sex for married women?

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According to Psychology Today, a study has found that women’s interest in oral sex had little to do with their partner’s attractiveness.

However, men reported being interested in oral sex only if they were feeling attracted to their partner. So it’s natural for women to experience some sort of insecurity when their husbands or partners seem disinterested in giving them pleasure in this way.

One mom on theAsianparent Community shared that she finds it unfair if she has to do it to her husband, but he doesn’t return the favor. Interestingly, many moms on the Q&A site revealed that they don’t really like giving their husbands blow jobs.

Simple Marriage cited a survey done on 98 married women. 82 percent of the respondents reported that cunnilingus or oral sex is the sexual act that gives them the most satisfaction. 68 percent women shared that, although penetration gave them pleasure, they climaxed only 1/4 or 25 percent of the time.

Foreplay also helps make oral sex more enjoyable, as this type of sex requires them to relax and trust their partner. To fully enjoy it, take time to build the anticipation and ease anxiety. Don’t pressure each other to climax quickly, as it often happens slowly.

Oral sex is not the only important thing in a couple’s sex life. But being devoted to pleasing your partner through this type of sex and other forms of intimacy is vital to keep the fires of romance burning.

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