Nine Months: Importance of prenatal & postnatal care

Nine Months: Importance of prenatal & postnatal care

Dr. Archana Kankal, obstetrician and gynecologist at Cloudnine Hospitals, answers queries about pregnancy raised by mums on

Prenatal and postnatal care is extremely important as it ensures good health for you and your baby. Here's what obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr. Archana Kankal shares with pregnant and new mums:

Hair-fall after delivery

Dr. Kankal shares with new mums that after delivery it is natural for hair-fall to occur. This happens mainly because of changes in hormonal levels. Apart from that lack of sleep and low level of nutrients in the body are also responsible for hair-fall. She reassures mums that this is just a transitory phase and mostly passes soon. The hair-fall usually reduces in a few months after delivery.

Postnatal weight loss

New mums are many times concerned about losing weight post delivery. Dr. Kankal suggests that because your baby is a priority during this time, hence, going for a dietary weight loss may not be advisable. However, new mums can compensate this with good and regular exercise. She informs that mums can resume basic exercises like walking soon after the delivery.

Postnatal depression


Dr. Kankal shares that new mums must not rush to label their postpartum blues as depression. Hormonal levels change after delivery and because of this new mums feel anxiety. Apart from that there's tiredness from childbirth. Lack of sleep and diet going haywire also lead to such feelings. Dr. Kankal assures new mums that within 3 to 4 days after delivery these feelings get back to normal.

Breastfeeding problems

Many mums face a flat nipples problem that can lead to a difficulty in breastfeeding the baby. Dr. Kankal advises that new mums must continue to attempt feeding the baby as the baby's mouth has the best ability to suck. However, there are breastfeeding pumps that can help in manually sucking the milk.

Getting rid of stretch marks

Dr. Kankal suggests that pregnant and new mums must accept the stretch marks on their body. Even though the treatment for these can be started, she says, there is no foolproof plan to remove them. Although they won't go away immediately, they can reduce over period.

Dr. Kankal advises pregnant and new mums on many other topics. Some of these are whether your baby is getting enough nutrients, handling C-Section pain, getting a period post delivery and so on. Do watch this episode of Nine Months to get expert answers to all your concerns.

A visual how-to-survival guide, Nine Months brings expert advice, knowledge and perspective to make your pregnancy an easy and a memorable experience for you.


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