I don’t need a guy for anything else except for children: Priyanka Chopra

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The actress, who’s been riding high on the success of her movie Bajirao Mastani and US TV series Quantico, spoke openly about love and relationships in an interview.

Priyanka Chopra is at her explosive best once again. The actress, who’s been riding high on the success of her movie Bajirao Mastani and US TV series Quantico, bared it all for a candid interview with Filmfare.

Priyanka has made some blunt statements on her relationships, heartbreak, love and having children later on in life. We cane easily say that we like what she has said and totally loved her gutsy interview.

On being asked whether she wanted to have babies, Priyanka said, “I have always wanted babies. Lots of them. For that reason I want to get married, It is not fair to bring a child to this world without marriage. Society is mean like that. I want to get married but no one can claim me until someone really claims me.”

Priyanka also spoke extensively about heartbreaks and relationships and how she has gone through quite a few heartaches.

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“Heartache is a bitch man. You have to isolate yourself from the other person whether they have been bad to you or you have been bad to them. You start with the little things. 'I need sleep, I need a good book. I need to be with friends'. You have to start thinking about yourself. My heartaches have been bad. There is no good way to end a relationship,” she was quoted as saying in the interview featured on the website pinkvilla.com.

She was also quite open about love, dating and getting involved with other men and said, “I buy my own diamonds. When a guy comes into my life it will not be for diamonds. A guy will be in my life only when I am in love. I don’t need a guy for anything else except for children.”

Throughout the interview Priyanka appeared to be quite focused and clear-headed, but her opinion about infidelity just takes the cake.

“If my man cheated, I would probably beat the shit out of him first. Infidelity in relationships should never be accepted. Marriage kya hai? Once you commit your heart to someone, have the balls to confess to your partner instead of continuing to cheat on her. I would, if I wanted to be with someone else. Because then you are stripping them of their pride."

"That is the reason why Kashi was important to me. Why do people lie? Because they are scared to say 'I love someone else'. It's your cowardice. Don’t be a coward. Walk up and confess. Give them the respect because you have been in a relationship with that person whatever it may be been. That is the reason why I am totally against and judgemental about infidelity and lying."

While everyone else is going about town discussing her unabashed answers, we quite loved her no-nonsense attitude. More power to you girl!

(Image source: Priyanka Chopra's Instagram and Facebook account)

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