'I'd wake and dress my son for school'

'I'd wake and dress my son for school'

Sonu Sood says that becoming a father completes a man and strengthens the relationship with your wife, an aspect of fatherhood that's often overlooked

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Actor Sonu Sood with his sons Ayaan (L) and Eshaan (R)

He is an award-winning actor and a brand ambassador. But scratch under the surface and you will be surprised to find a soft-spoken man who best loves being dad! Father to 2 sons—Eshaan (11) and Ayaan (8)—Sonu Sood is all smiles as he talks about what might be in store for him on Father’s Day.

“I can’t believe my eyes when my sons make cards for me on special occasions such as birthdays and Father’s Day! As a dad, I never thought this would be such a sensitive and emotional bond,” says Sonu, riding high on the success of last year’s super hit film, Happy New Year.

‘I am my father’

“When we were growing up, we had a very different type of relationship with my father. He never scolded us and never even raised his voice in our presence, but we had a lot of respect for him and were in awe of him. He was the best teacher I ever had. With my children, I play the friendly guy but at the same time, I maintain discipline,” he adds.

When he held his first-born Eshaan (now 11) for the first time, Sonu says he felt a rush of blood. “It was a very strange emotion; I was excited and nervous and feeling responsible. I was wondering what sort of a father I would make! It was beautiful,” he recounts.

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father's day

Close-knit: Fatherhood has made my relationship with Sonali stronger

Daddy cool

Sonu says that when he is not shooting, he is pretty much a hands-on dad. “In fact, when Eshaan was born, I would do every single thing for him. When he would go to school, I would be the one to wake him up and dress him. I would even sing songs to ensure that he stays awake and doesn’t nod off!” laughs Sonu.

And when Ayaan came along, things changed a bit. “Actually, I did the same things for Ayaan, though I must confess that when he came into our world, I was busier with work. It was a new phase in my career and people had started recognising me. So if I could take Eshaan to the park and go horse riding when he was young, I couldn’t repeat that with Ayaan. But I could take him on a holiday abroad!” he shrugs his shoulders.

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father's day

Father-son bond: Sonu Sood’s father, Sonu and his sons, Eshaan and Ayaan

Being a 24×7 father

On his day off from shoot, you can catch Sonu playing cricket with his sons or shopping with the family. He manages his day with Eshaan and Ayaan minus his wife Sonali, at times! “I enjoy being with them. Sometimes, technology and all their apps and games come in the way of our ‘father-son’ bonding time, but we still love to spend time with each other.”

What’s the payback for being dad? “That, even though they are 11 and 6, they surprise me with their creativity. If it is not cards, then it is by making something special for me. I enjoy Father’s Day every day when I am home. That they are grounded children. That they listen to me most of the times. (Yes, they ignore me too sometimes!) That they are emotional boys. That they help strengthen the bond between Sonali and me. I couldn’t ask for anything more,” he smiles.

The bond just grows stronger, doesn’t it? Happy Father’s Day, Sonu!

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