ICSE school board is revamping its syllabus to align it with that of CBSE

ICSE school board is revamping its syllabus to align it with that of CBSE

This is being done to prevent any post Class 10 migration to the latter, since it conducts the all-India engineering and medical entrance exams

If you are planning to admit your child into a school simply because it is based on an ISE model, think again.

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), is reportedly completely overhauling its syllabus to align it with that of CBSE. This is being done to prevent any post Class 10 migration to the latter, since it conducts the all-India engineering and medical entrance exams.

Numbers of migrating students

A leading daily reported that "in the 2015-2016 academic session, for every 300 students who cleared the ISC exams, 100 chose CBSE schools for their class 12 board exams. In 2014, as many as 1,49,087 students took the ISC exam but 7,7018 students opted out of the board the same year, resulting in only 72,069 candidates taking the ISC exam in 2016."

Solution to stop migration to CBSE

Gerry Arathoon, chief executive and secretary of Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations spoke to the daily about this migration and provided the solution.

He said, “In order to convince students and parents that the syllabus of ISC and CBSE class 12 is the same, we have realigned our Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology syllabus with that of the CBSE. We were compelled to bring about this change. It comes into effect this new academic session and the ISC exam of 2018 will be conducted in according to this changed syllabus. The question pattern too would follow the CBSE.”

However, the syllabus of commerce and humanities stream will remain unchanged.

“17 school boards, including CISCE and CBSE, follow this curriculum, still parents and students feel that CBSE gives aspiring doctors and engineers an advantage over ISC. Now, our realigned curriculum and question pattern for all the four subjects in class 11 and 12 will match the CBSE curriculum unit by unit, chapter by chapter,” Arathoon was quoted as saying.

Additional changes

Arathoon informed the daily, "We have asked schools to follow the NCERT text books as reference in class, while teaching from the text books recommended by us. We have also urged publishers to slim down the textbooks. This is because students and parents have a feeling that in ISC they have to study more than they do in CBSE. We want the parents to understand that we champion stress-free joyful learning, so the text books will be slimed down soon."

The CISE reportedly will also prepare study material to crack medical and engineering entrance examinations.

“Unlike CBSE schools, which allow coaching centres to merge their classes with school hours, we do not want our students to go to any coaching centre to crack the all-India medical or engineering entrance exam. That is the reason we are preparing special study materials for them. It will be ready soon,” Arathoon added.

It is for the first time that CISCE will revamp the entire syllabus, including from primary to class 8.

Highlights of the changes

  • The ISC syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics will be aligned with the CBSE syllabus for class 11 and 12.
  • The new syllabus will follow CBSE for each unit and chapter
  • The question pattern of ISC will also replicate that of CBSE
  • The new syllabus will come into effect from 2017 and therefore, the ISC examinations would be conducted based on the new syllabus from 2018
  • The teachers will follow NCERT textbooks in class
  • The council will also prepare study material for students who want to sit for medical and engineering entrance exams
  • The entire syllabus, which is from primary to class 8 will be overhauled and it would be mandatory for all the ICSE schools to follow it from 2017
  • The syllabus for humanities and commerce streams will not change

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(News courtesy: Hindustan Times | Image courtesy: BritishCouncil)

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