'I consider working mums as devis with many hands'

'I consider working mums as devis with many hands'

At the launch of House of Napius’s radiation safe maternity wear, celeb mum Raveena Tandon speaks about her parenting style and a home remedy to cure cough and cold

Director Alkka Mistry, Founder Nehal Mehta with actress Raveena Tandon and Chairman MD Nesa Chirag Savla at the House of Napius launch at Taj Lands End in Mumbai

Director Alkka Mistry, Founder Nehal Mehta with actress Raveena Tandon and Chairman MD Nesa Chirag Salva at the launch event in Mumbai

From romancing and changing roles on screen, the gorgeous Raveena Tandon has currently settled down with a role which is quite close to her heart: Being a super mum to her two kids. For her, beauty has come with motherhood and so has tolerance.

As Raveena opts to promote an innovative line of product by the House of Napius, we sneak into her busy schedule to bring to you an exclusive interview with the woman who still sends hearts racing. Excerpts.


You are one of the most glamorous and beautiful actresses in the industry. How has motherhood added further to your beauty?

Motherhood has instilled inner beauty within me. I feel, the beauty everyone talks about is superficial. My husband Anil always told me that I looked the most beautiful when I was pregnant. Motherhood has also made me more tolerant and patient. It’s overall a very beautiful feeling.


How is Raveena as a mother?

I am a completely hands-on mum. I take care of the smallest of things when it comes to my children. I plan for their day at school, take care of the type of uniform they have to wear on a particular day and help them in doing their homework.


Do you feel kids of celebrity parents grow up any different in comparison to that of the common man?

I can’t say about the other kids but my little ones are very much grounded. I feel it all depends upon the kind of upbringing they are exposed to. You need to instill strong values so that nothing spoils them. Besides, children should know the value of money. They should know the cost of the gadget that they are holding in their hands. They should never take things for granted.


Has your daughter Rasha acquired any of Raveena Tandon’s ada?

(Laughs) Rasha is too young right now to understand what ada is. But she is very talented. She is extremely good in academics and her extra-curricular activities. However, I feel that children always need the right guidance to decide the path that they want to tread on in life. Rasha can choose to become anything in life.


Between Rasha and Ranbir, who is the naughtiest?

(Rolls her eyes) Definitely Rasha. My son is very bhola bhala.

 Continue Reading for Raveena’s homemade recipe for cough and cold, plus watch the video of the unveiling of House of Napius…

Do you believe in traditional forms of medication?

I only believe in organic and traditional forms of healing and medication. Even the soaps and shampoos that I use for my kids are all organic. The vegetables that come to my kitchen are also organic. I feel that these small steps can help you in giving a healthy future to your kids.


Raveena, can you share a homemade recipe that you trust for cough and cold with our readers?

That should be easy (chuckles). My favourite one is by using tulsi leaves (basil), kali mirch (black pepper), haldi (turmeric) and adrak (ginger). Prepare a kadah by boiling all the ingredients together in water. You can make it sweet by adding honey. And yes, this should be served hot.


Any message for the new age working mums in India?

I consider all these working mums as devis with multiple hands and are multitasking. Motherhood sometimes can be a thankless job but it is still one of the most beautiful and satisfying tasks that a woman undertakes. I feel proud to be a woman and a mother and want every other mum to feel the same way.


Raveena, what do you think about the line of radiation safe maternity wear that House of Napius has come up with?

(Smiles) Oh, I am wearing one right now. House of Napius has come up with a great innovation. With technology, we need solutions. We cannot ignore the health hazards that have cropped with up with technological innovations. We all are surrounded by some kind of radiations that can pose threat especially for a pregnant woman.


So what do you do to ensure that your home is radiation-free?

At night, I switch off all our phones and other gadgets that produce radiations. Instead, we all try using the age-old MTNL telephone lines when we need to make calls. I encourage my children to play games on iPads instead on cellphones.


Watch Raveena Tandon at the unveiling of House of Napius’s brand launch 

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