I have no problems at all with Sara's equation with Kareena Kapoor: Amrita Singh

I have no problems at all with Sara's equation with Kareena Kapoor: Amrita Singh

Aaj kal mere naam ke bahut bill phaade jaa rahen hain, says Amrita Singh.

Much has been said about the supposed rivalry between Amrita Singh and Kareena Kapoor. To put an end to it all Amrita Singh has finally spoken and how!

In an interview to a leading daily, the actress seemed upset that her name is being used everywhere and that too unnecessarily.

"Aaj kal mere naam ke bahut bill phaade jaa rahen hain. Let me tell you, today’s kids have a mind of their own, and they know how to exercise it. Even if I wanted to tell Sara or my son Ibrahim how to lead their lives—which I don’t—they would not listen to me. Luckily, Sara chose to complete her studies before pursuing acting. She attended Columbia University and then devoted attention to Bollywood. What if she had decided to not go to college? What could I do?," she said.

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Rumours were also going around that Amrita Singh has been really upset over her daughter's closeness with with Saif's second wife Kareena Kapoor Khan. But what really irked Amrita were reports that said that she was upset over the way Sara dressed up to Kareena's recent birthday bash.


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Amrita has nothing but this to say to all those reports. "I have a problem with the way my daughter dresses? And I resent Sara’s rapport with Kareena? Absolutely untrue! I don’t have any problem with Sara and Kareena’s equation at all," she said to the newspaper.

Continue reading on the next page to know what Amrita has to say about her being upset with Saif's wedding to Kareena!

Amrita says that she doesn't quite understand why she is being pulled up for every small thing related to her ex-husband Saif. She says that she has no problems whatsoever with Saif and Kareena.


“I’m being hauled over the coals for disapproving of Sara’s outfit for the party. Let me tell you, I was the one who put together the entire wardrobe for my daughter that evening. I also dressed up both my kids, Sara and Ibrahim, for Saif’s wedding with Kareena," she said in an interview to a Film magazine.

We hope Amrita's candid remarks puts an end to all speculations, once and for all!

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