I am pro-adoption but I always wanted to have my own child: Tusshar Kapoor

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Tusshar Kapoor on why he chose to have a baby through surrogacy!

Ever since the news of Karan Johar becoming a dad of twins through surrogacy has been out, many people have started questioning the need for surrogacy when he could have easily gone for adoption. The same was being said for other Bollywood star dads such as Tusshar Kapoor, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

However, for the first time ever Tusshar Kapoor has opened up on the issues and said that though he is pro-adoption, he chose surrogacy because he wanted his first baby to be his very own.


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In an interview to an entertainment website the Golmaal Returns star says,"When I got my child through surrogacy, the legislation wasn’t passed, it was just the law. I always wanted my own child. I am completely pro-adoption also but then I wanted my own child, something that I was very clear about and I guess I have a right to do that. Those who want to adopt, I feel that’s great; you never know even I might do that someday but this time it was just a choice that I made. So I don’t feel there’s anything to debate."

He also added that he is with the government of protecting the identity and rights of the surrogates. "Yes, I am with the government protecting the interests of the surrogates who carry the child and making the procedure more transparent and regulated, I am with the government on that. But I also hope that people who want to have babies through surrogacy, single parents, get to do so. I am not getting into any debate on that. I think the government looks into the interests of everybody," he added.

Besides, talking about surrogacy and adoption, Tusshar also revealed intimate details about Laksshya and how he is bringing him up.

"He's getting naughtier by the day. He has started talking also and says ‘Papa’ . He doesn’t say it everyday but that’s the first word that he’s uttered. It happened about a couple of weeks back and it’s such a wonderful feeling," he added.

Becoming a dad is an enriching experience and Tusshar feels that he has evolved as a person after becoming one.

"Your focus becomes on life outside your body and not yourself. You start becoming more selfless for sure and there’s also this confidence that you sense in yourself. It makes you more focused and makes you want to work more not just for yourself but for your child. So there are all the changes that people go through when they have a child as married couples and I think I have gone through the same changes as a single parent," he says.

Tusshar also mentioned in the interview that his family helps him whenever necessary and have been a blessing to him. Tusshar further added that his parents often sing for Laksshya and he seems to like it.

“He likes old Hindi songs, my parents sing it to him. And in toys you have all the nursery rhymes these days so he enjoys it. He just likes music, I don’t think he knows what is what, he just likes the rhythm.”

Tusshar made sure that he involved the whole family in the process so that he can learn the ropes of child rearing from them. Living with grandparents comes with its own sets of benefits for kids.

1. Unconditional love: Since they are always around, kids rarely feel alone and secluded. Grandparents not only pamper them, but also love them unconditionally, something all kids need during the first five years of their life. Kids that are loved and nurtured grow up to become confident individuals later on in life.

2. Family values: There is no greater teacher in this world than life itself and living with your dada-dadi alone can help kids get all their wisdom and values that can take them ahead in life.

3. Respect for all: Living with grandparents also teaches kids to respect the elderly and to adapt to various situations in life. They learn to be courteous, humble and become more sensitive to people around them. Now that's something that comes on its own and can't be taught!

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