Hyderabad parents leave 3-year-old daughter sleeping inside locked car. Here's what happened next!

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The couple left their daughter behind to have breakfast as she was sleeping and they thought they would be back by the time she was awake.

In a shocking incident, a three-year-old girl was left locked inside a car by her parents as they went to have breakfast at a nearby eatery.

The couple left their daughter behind as she was sleeping and they thought they would be back by the time she was awake. The incident occurred on the outskirts of Hyderabad on Wednesday. News reports say that the family was driving to Bengaluru when the parents stopped for breakfast.

However, the little girl woke up before her parents were back and started crying as she found herself locked in the care alone. Passerby got alarmed when they saw a child crying in the backseat of the car and then started making attempts to free her.

Someone from the car also took a video, which shows a crowd standing at the window and trying to open the car's door. Some tried to guide her in opening the door, but she wouldn't stop crying.

However, the couple soon returned to their car and left the spot as people started accusing them of negligence. While this was a small incidence and thank God that nothing really happened to the little girl, it also points to what can happen to kids if they are left alone.

This is why parents should make sure that either they do not leave their child alone or if they have to leave the child and go somewhere for 10-15 minutes it would be a better idea to prepare the child beforehand. Here are some tips to brace your child when you're leaving him alone for sometime:

1. Talk to the child and prepare her mentally so that she stays calm and does not start crying in anxiety like the little girl in the video.

2. Always inform a trusted friend or family member that you are leaving the child alone so that he can help you out in case of an emergency.

3. Keep things or toys that your child loves close to her so that she gets distracted and starts playing with them instead of crying.

4. Lastly, as a parent you should know whether it's time for your child to be left alone even if it is for five minutes. Only a mother and a father can understand if the child is confident enough to stay alone. So follow your heart and do as it says, but always be cautious to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

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