How a husband's laziness can slowly kill a marriage

How a husband's laziness can slowly kill a marriage

Can a husband’s laziness destroy a marriage? When a man does not clean up after himself or help with the household chores, he only adds to the already overwhelming burdens of his wife, especially if she is already a mom. Housekeeping and caring for children should be a shared responsibility. Having a partner who refuses to put in the work does not just leave you with a dirty home, it can muddy up your relationship, causing feelings of neglect and frustration.

What’s more, it can hinder the growth and development of a marriage. It keeps you both from achieving goals.

It may seem simple, but slowly breaking patterns of laziness starts with the little things. In the same way, little acts of laziness can slowly destroy a marriage. Here are some reasons as to why this is so.

Laziness can communicate that you do not care

If you just won’t make the effort to help out, it can show your spouse that you are fine with having her carry the burden all by herself.

Laziness can say you don’t want to participate

Being persistently lazy can make your spouse feel that you are not invested in building a happy home and a life together.

Laziness can tell your spouse your needs come first

Choosing not to help shows your partner that you do not prioritize them.


can laziness destroy a marriage

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How can you help a lazy husband become more diligent?

Laziness is not a trait that is developed overnight. It can be traced to how they were raised as well as how they spent their early adult years? Did they grow up in a sheltered environment, with parents and helpers who shielded them from having to learn chores? If they have never lived alone or felt the need to look after themselves before getting married, chances are they have this need to be taken care of.

The downside of it is that men who have lived alone tend not to care about fixing up the place or cleaning up. Whatever the case, the urge to be lazy can hinder them from becoming their best selves. To help a lazy husband, you must first build up their confidence and show that you trust them with responsibilities, even if it’s as simple as preparing ingredients for a meal or going to the store to buy groceries.


Marriage and raising a family takes work; it requires time, effort, and sacrifice. So work together to break patterns of laziness in order to keep them from breaking up your happy relationship.

sources: The Good Men Project, Family Share 

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