Hyderabad techie posts wife's video on YouTube; calls her a prostitute

Hyderabad techie posts wife's video on YouTube; calls her a prostitute

Former Infosys employee was disturbed after the wife filed a complaint against him for dowry harassment. Read on to know how this husband shames wife

The Hyderabad police have arrested a 31-year-old techie for posting obscene ads on YouTube about his estranged wife, calling her a prostitute. E. Murali Krishna, who is a former Infosys employee, was angry over his wife's complaint against him for dowry harassment.

Bhagyalakshmi and Murali got married in 2010 after she got pregnant. "At the time of the wedding, we gave Rs 10 lakh in cash and gold jewellery worth Rs 20 lakh to Murali Krishna as per the demand of his family. Subsequently, Murali and his family members began harassing my sister for additional dowry. Unable to put up with the torture, she lodged a complaint with the police in November 2014,"Bhagyalakshmi's brother Giri told Times of India.

Since the complaint, the couple have been living separately. They have two sons from their marriage. Angry over the complaint, Murali posted a video from their marriage of Bhagyalakshmi, calling her a prostitute and also sharing her number.

"The video was uploaded on January 15 this year and my sister started getting calls from several men from across the globe," Giri added. A case was registered and Murali was arrested.

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